In your bag No: 1515 – Chad Tobin

Chad comes back to share his current go-to setup. If you have only one lens, can’t go wrong with this. Oh, and nice film choices ;)

My name is Chad Tobin and I am a photographer from Nova Scotia, Canada. This is my second “In Your Bag” submission. I mainly shoot street photography and try to attach myself to local sub-cultures for different projects. Most recently I have completed a zine on Japan called “Mono No Aware.”

Camera:  Black Paint Leica M7 “a la carte” I was looking for a used MP when the camera shop that I deal with got this one in used and it was priced attractively. It has black paint, 0.72  magnification, MP film advance, old script top logo, front logos removed, and leather covering. I really like the feel of the camera and the quiet shutter. I know lots of people sometimes give the M7 a hard time due to its non-mechanical shutter, but carrying an extra set of batteries to me isn’t a big deal. This camera makes me want to walk and just discover things.

Lens: “Black Chrome Edition” Leica 35mm f2 APSH Summicron. My favorite lens and my only lens that I own. For me life is 35 and the perfect focal length for how I see things. This lens is incredibly sharp and compact which is perfect for shooting all day. I think the more gear you have the more distracted you become. I like to keep things light and simple.

Flash: Leica SF-24 Flash. Small and powerful and takes the same batteries as my meter.

Meter: Sekonic L-358 Light Meter. My right hand assistant for exposure. Love this meter for ease of use and because its pretty much right 98% of the time. Takes the same batteries as the Leica SF-24 flash.

Bag: Artisan & Artist Leica System Case: A fantastic little bag that helps me only carry the essentials for street shooting or working on projects. This is my second A&A bag and I love how they wear and how much padding they have inside to protect gear. I also love that the company is in Japan and they really seem to care about the products they are making. I bought my wife a make-up case by A&A and she has put it through its paces and it is held up extremely well.

Film: Black & White is Street Pan 400. Love this film and will be using more for my current projects. Color: I prefer Portra 400 & 800. I spent years shooting digital with presets to mimic the colors of Portra and it never really looked like Portra. Selling all of my digital gear and shooting 100% film has been so freeing.

 Film Case: Japan Camera Hunter Case. Perfect for a busy day of shooting.

Watch: Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Watch. If my Leica cannot be pure mechanical at least my watch can. I love this watch because it always reminds me to explore what is around the corner and always keep moving.


Chad :) 


Thanks for coming back here Chad. Very clean custom M7. Looking forward to seeing your work with Streetpan!

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