In your bag No: 1508 – Alex Miller
Alex rocks some serious gear in his tote bag. That X-pan is to die for. Check it out.
My name is Alex Miller, I’m from Perth, Western Australia – long time reader and avid follower of JCH, I’m just dropping a line about a couple of things. 
Firstly, I’m heading over to Japan early May starting down in the south at Kagoshima/Yakushima island and making my way up via a bunch of spots to Matsumoto for my sister’s wedding, then spending the 21st – 25th in Tokyo for some meetings before coming back to Perth. I’m going to shoot a body of work while in Japan, all shot on Xpan and basically mix portraits and landscapes. Do you recommend any interesting spots to shoot in Tokyo? Also cool bars, restaurants (JBS vinyl bar is on the list, would love to include that in the project). I also just read your guide to shopping in Tokyo, very helpful! I’ve heard great things about Shinjuku camera stores so that’s definitely a stop on my list (and will try not to get lost in the Yodobashi store!).
Lastly I’d love to score a spot on the ‘In Your Bag’ page of JCH. Below is a bit about me and some links to some work.
My name is Alex Miller, I’m from Perth, Western Australia, I’ve been taking photos for ever now, own and run an art gallery for 4 years, managed bands for 2 years, each of these things lead me to new people, places and situations that usually end up in my photos.
I will be heading to Japan in May 2017 to complete a body of work I hope to exhibit back in Perth or turn into a book.
Lets look at the gear… And don’t worry both cameras aren’t in the bag smashing into each other at the same time.
Canon AE-1
During my photography studies at C.I.T. (Perth) I lucked into this schmicko Canon AE-1 at a camera market which I then got a power winder for. Once I realised my time studying there and the use of a FREE darkroom, FREE chemicals and FFRREEEEE use of the E6 dev machine, I really got into shooting film – completely exploiting full use of C.I.T.’s facilities and resources at no shame whatsoever, nerding out on different processing and printing techniques and until the lecturers had to nicely ask me to leave for the day. When the day came I graduated, I slowly stopped shooting film, not just because of the costs out in the real world but not having my own darkroom and also giving someone control to develop all my stuff (hoping they don’t f*ck it up).
Hasselblad Xpan
I then bullied myself into buying an Xpan, after the first roll (*which was practically unusable – I shot the 45mm lens wide open without a centre filter haha) I was hooked! Ended up buying a darkroom setup and developing gear shortly after too. For me the Xpan is a whole new challenge – seeing things reeeaaaaally horizontally, where to place things in your frame, how close to be to your subject without loosing it out in space and just generally balancing the composition properly. If you’ve ever used one you’ll definitely know what I mean. I also enjoy using it for portraits as well as landscapes as it in some instances almost blends the two.
Little note book I found in India, commonly used for writing in.
Film box
I bulk roll Delta 400, the box that the 100 foot roll comes in is great for storing a bunch of rolls.
Shutter release cable
If I forget to chuck this in the bag I’ll just set the Xpan to auto timer. You need to shoot minimum f11 to avoid any harsh vignetting on the 45mm lens which.
Sun glasses
Keep my eyes moist and protected from the West Australian sun (also x-ray vision).
(Not pictured… Hasselblad 500 C/M, Olympus Trip, Fuji Instax 210, Pentax Espio 115g.)
​Instagram: @miller_chaching​

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Alex. Some really cool gear there.
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