In your bag No: 1494 – Dillman

Dillman shares with us a very solid and very heavy travel bag. There is a bit of everything in this one, including a pretty serious calculator. Check it out.

Hello everyone,

I am a student currently taking electronics engineering in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I always enjoy reading the articles on this site, so I thought that I might well contribute. This is my bag from when I was recently visiting Japan, but it’s more or less my everyday bag.

I started getting into photography back in high school. I learned on a Sony a330 but started to grow bored of photography after a few years. I became interested in the analog process that I thought was dead, when my mom lent me her Pentax Program Plus, and I started talking to a teacher in highschool about shooting film and editing. I would go out and shoot film whenever I had the chance, and get it developed at the small drugstore in town. Since then I have escaped the small farming town I grew up near, learned to develop my own film and continue to mostly shoot film for fun.

Anyways, here’s the set up:

First is the bag; a French F1 military backpack. It’s made out of a thick canvas material with a rubberized coating. A pretty skookum pack for daily use.

Minolta X-370s with a Rokkor 50mm f/1.4; a basic and fairly sturdy camera for being plastic. Mostly use this guy or a XG-M.

Mamiya RB67 Pro S with a Sekor C 127mm f/3.8; I recently got this as my first medium format camera from Chuuko Camera Box in Shinjuku. I wandered around Shinjuku a little, checking out nearby stores on the JCH map. Found it for a decent price at this amazing store, I was surprised how many cameras that you could dig through in their tiny store. Lots of stuff for parts. Fairly friendly and helpful staff there too even though I knew very little Japanese. Worth checking out if you have the chance.

For 35mm Fuji 200 is pretty cheap and usually my go to. I’ve been shooting more and more Fuji Superia 400 recently, it’s easy to find and I’m pleased with its results. For 120 I’ve been trying out Ektar 100 and Portra 400, haven’t played with them enough to form a solid opinion. I was going to order JCH film cases eventually, but I stumbled across them at Yodobashi in Akihabara when I was looking for strap mounts for the RB67. I Wish I bought the cases earlier.

Sekonic L-308s light meter and some spare batteries just in case.

Rollei 35; picked up this slick little guy at The Camera Store for a good price, one of my favorite cameras to use since it’s so compact and fun to shoot with, but also has an amazing lens. Brought it to Japan with the intention of using it, but I actually forgot about in my bag it and used the X-370s. Whoops.

The laptop is a Thinkpad X220, very tough, still works great even though it’s been heavily abused. On top of it is Campus B5 lined dot grid notebooks, I love the paper in these things for notes in class, and a grid paper notepad. Beside it is a pencil case full of goodies (I’m usually grabbing a Kurutoga or Rotring 600) and a TI-89, since I can’t ever escape homework.

Passport and JR Pass; if you are traveling around Japan via shinkansen, compare the price of individual tickets to the price of a JR Pass. I was going up around Aomori and it was cheaper to buy one of these.

Pocketable rain coat from Uniqlo. Next to it is a chocobo hand towel; I was at a train station and couldn’t find any paper towel or a hand dryer after I had washed my hands. I felt like an idiot having to dry off my hands on my pants while the person beside me at the sink had their own little personal hand towel. Next to that is tissues and lip balm, essential for winter. Finally there are some headphones and an Aime card; if I didn’t spend so much money playing rhythm games at the arcades I probably could have bought a nice RZ67 or another lens.

You can check out my rather quiet flickr at

Thank you,


Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Dillman. I hope you had a great time in Japan.

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