In your bag No: 1491 – Romano Bulgarelli
Romano is a bit cheeky with this one. This is not a bag shot really, it is a collection. But, it is a damned nice collection and it does have some basis in use. Check it out.

Let me to introduce myself, my name is Romano Bulgarelli and I am shooting since I was thirteen. After Architecture and Industrial Design degrees I worked for ten years in an engineering studio before to create Finelook in 1995, an Ad agency of image and marketing communication. Of course photography was an important part of the job.
The cameras bag I am showing to JCH is a Jeppesen bag for pilots, I own it because I am a private pilot for pleasure. This bag, also if is not specific for photographers, is very functional and wide enough to hold the group of cameras, lenses and accessories I need at the moment and the Cullman handheld tripod visible in the photo inside the external bag pocket.
About photography I consider myself first a commercial photographer, after a black&white fine art shooter because I photograph nudes, portraits and concept fine art.
I have a professional darkroom in my studio so I continue to use films, from Minox format to 8×10”. Each size and camera has properties useful for different types of job.  For street photography I like to use Rolleiflex, very discret camera, and my Leica M4 with normal and wideangle or Bessa with Visoflex for long focal.  For digital choice I “married” Fujifilm X-Pro1 primarily for its beautiful lenses and the opportunity to mount my Leica M lens range.  For concepts I go out with my Chamonix 4×5”.
In my bag I never forget to put inside my Monotone viewing filter that help me to evaluate the scene, and my “battery free” Weston Master III for incident and reflected light, a Kodak grey card, my iPad to take note what I shooting about.
An advice for beginners: never forget lens hoods at home ;)
At the end it’s not important which camera model you own… important is to create a feeling with your equipment and never miss any shoot, for this I go out everyday with my Minox B or GT in my pocket.
Next time I will present to you my Polaroid passion equipments… next time, only :)
Art will save the world… be creative in everything you are doing, all time of your life. JCH is an example of what I wrote.
If you will be curious follow me on FB or at where there are galleries of my work.
Great regards
Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Romano. That is a pretty impressive setup.
Keep them coming folks, we need more submissions, so get your bag on
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