In your bag No: 1482 – Ian Neesham
Ian shares his Canon heavy bag today and a nice story of how a period of illness changed his shooting habit and switched him back to film. Check it out.

Hi everyone,
So, I pray your indulgence everyone as I’m new to this.. I’ve just spent 5 months off work with a heart condition and any plans of a big budget outlay on a dslr went right out of the door.
I thought I’d check out the used market and was browsing eBay for an idea of prices when I spotted the A1. It was my first ‘proper’ camera when they first appeared. Seeing the price and having a love of film I was tempted. A few days later I was proud owner of the one pictured, my wife having sneakily ordered it for me as a surprise!

It’s a total dream to use and has, as you can see turned my head completely away from digital. I further added to my bag, the eos 5 with a non usm 28-200mm. This is now my everyday camera. The eos 1000f you see was in a charity (thrift) shop. It was £5! It had to come home with me. I have plans to purchase more as and when I can and have a check list.
I’ve been shooting now for a couple of months and feel I am improving film by film. Black and white is my thing and I’ll definitely be going for home developing later on.
All in all I’ve found a whole new love for photography even though I’m a complete novice and make novice mistakes ( getting to 40 exposures on roll of 36 and thinking, “yeah, that’s probably not on the take up spool is it?!”) I’m enjoying the learning curve, steep as it is sometimes.
Sorry about the photo, had to take it on my phone as my cameras are…. well, on the floor.

Thanks for your time,
Ian Neesham

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Ian. You have a lovely wife, I wish mine would buy me a camera.
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