In your bag No: 1479 – Matt Withers
Matt shares with us his bag today from sunny Sydney. And he has a couple of stunning cameras to share with us. Check it out.

My name is Matt Withers, and I’m an ardent film enthusiast from Sydney, Australia. I just got back from a few weeks travelling in the UK and Ireland and thought I might share my travel bag with you.

As you can see from my bag, I’m something of a Zuikoholic these days. As a left-eyed photographer the shutter speed selection ring feels particularly intuitive for me, as I’m not jamming my thumb against my face while trying to use a traditional selection dial.
That intuition – paired with beautifully engineered and diminutive bodies, best in class spot metering and amazing compact glass – compelled me to ditch my Canon FD gear for the OM system and I have not regretted the move.

The compact size of the system lends itself perfectly to travel photography. The Domke F-5XB is not a large bag, but within it I can comfortably fit my OM-3Ti and OM-4Ti along with 24/2.8. 40/2 and 85/2 lenses, film, filters, batteries, cleaning cloth, pens and pad. There’s sufficient space to squeeze in a passport and kindle as needed. The bag itself has been modified, insofar as noisy velcro, metal zip pulls and strap fasteners have been replaced with more discreet options.

This setup worked wonders on my travels, allowing me to run Tri-X in the OM-3Ti and Portra 400 in the OM-4Ti with three primes covering a balanced ratio of focal lengths. I sometimes wonder whether two bodies is overkill, but I do like the ability to shoot BW and Colour simultaneously, and the option to jump between focal lengths without changing lenses is useful too.
The OM-3Ti is a bit of an indulgence, but I found one in great condition and for much less than ‘market price’ and am very happy with the thought of putting it to work (I suspect many of its brethren are shelf queens).
The 40/2 is notoriously overpriced too, but if found affordably does offer a fantastic normal lens – tiny, sufficiently fast, with close focusing to 30cm and a field of view that is ideal for everyday use and sits nicely between the 24 and 85.
The 85/2 also impresses, being the smallest 85 that I’ve handled, while rendering very sharp wide open. It should be noted that, as with many OM lenses, there is distinct variation over the span of production and for the 85/2 it is the latter serial numbers (210,000+) that are rumoured to perform better.
I find this serial number voodoo part of the Zuiko charm.

Having shot with this setup everyday for the past month, I can happily say that I wouldn’t change a thing.

My flickr is a mess, but I do semi-curate my Instagram page emptor, most of my shots are sub-par scans of the genuine article; you can’t beat prints.

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Matt. I love those OM’s.
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