In your bag No: 1478 – Horatiu Eduard
Horatiu shares with us not only his bag, but tells us his story of petting cows in rural Romania. Check this one out.

My name is Horatiu Eduard and I’m an architecture student from Romania.

I grew up in a village in the middle of nowhere, running along with my dogs and herding cows at my parent’s small farm. My parents still own the farm, so everytime I’m going home, after I’ve fondled the dogs I have to go and pet the cows too.

I’ve started documenting the world around me with a cheap Chinese plastic camera when I was twelve years old. This was after I’ve impressed my uncle with “my talent in composition” whilst I was painting a landscape with a bunch of deers eating grass in front of a blue lake… such a cliché. Still, he gave me that camera and 3 rolls of Kodak Gold film, and I’ve started taking photos at silly things like trees and dogs and pigs and other stuff that seemed very grandiose to me at the time. The rolls are still unprocessed, because when you’re twelve and you don’t have any money, nobody gives a damn thing about your photos with pigs in the mud. But it doesn’t matter, it was my first step in the process of learning this form of art called photography.

Today, at 27 years old, I’m still learning how to take better photographs. I’m not the great photographer I was hoping to be when I was a kid (probably I’ll never be), but I don’t care.

I know that my pictures will not change the world, nor will they win great prizes and awards, but they are memories of endeavors and achievements that I don’t want to forget. Therefore when I’ll be an old man I would nevertheless remember that road trip in the mountains with my girlfriend driving her first car (a Golf Mk 3 by the way – not too old yet).

Loading your camera with pristine film, pressing the shutter button, hearing all those mechanical sounds when you wind the film, looking through the viewfinder and capturing that moment that will stay forever on a tiny piece of film. Even the fail of pressing the shutter button and missing that shot, all of this is what makes photography interesting and beautiful to me. But let’s talk about the bag.

My setup is simple, I don’t have any expensive Leica gear but it gets the job done.

The Bag -it’s not a photo bag- it’s a romainian soldiers bag and it’s called “portharta”. It was used by soldiers to carry military maps and probably other military stuff. (who knows, I wasn’t in the army).

The Cameras:

 – Olympus OM-1n with a Zuiko 28mm f2.8 lens. A really nice mechanical camera with that famous big bright viewfinder and that “not so famous” meter that doesn’t work in my case. I don’t use the meter anyway. The 28mm it’s my favorite focal length so I don’t really need another lens.

 – Olympus XA2 with the A11 flash and the original leather case. My favorite snap and run camera. It’s always with me. It’s small, quiet and simple to use. On the street, the people think I’m a lazy tourist with a toy, but they don’t know that the evil himself lays in the chambers of this camera. With an Olympus XA you could rule the world…not really.

– A lenscap for the Zuiko lens. I don’t use it at all, just carrying it around…maybe I’ll lose it one day.

What else? Oh yeah…

The Notebook – not starring Ryan Gosling but some sketches of mine. (could be sketches of Ryan Gosling though…)

Three Staedtler ink liners and two Staedtler black markers for the everyday sketching.

A pair of cheap GBL headphones (good sound though). A day without a Pink Floyd song it’s not a good day.

And my lazy Lenovo smartphone. That’s it!

Usually I don’t carry extra rolls of film with me, just what’s in the camera. Now they are loaded with CineStill 800 for the OM-1 and Kodak Ektar fot the XA2, but my favorite choice of film is Kodak TRI-X or Ilford HP5+.

I have other cameras too, but this is what I use on a regular basis. I’m also using a digital SLR, but I don’t enjoy it that much.

You can check my photos on Instagram:

Or Tumblr, wich I’m not using it that much, but still:

Thank you JCH for spreading the love of film. Hopefully one day I’ll buy from you one of those fancy Leica cameras.


Thanks for sharing your bag and your story with us, Horatiu. What a lovely upbringing you had there.
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