In your bag No: 1354, Duran Levinson
Duran has shared his projects with us in the past (which you can see here), but never his bag. Well now he does and what a fascinating setup it is. Some truly iconic cameras and a whole bunch of film. Lovely stuff.

This is a collection of my various film cameras and tools I use to make my images. On a specific trip or shoot I will usually only have one, or maximum two cameras on me. I dislike being burdened by gear or carrying to much on me, sometimes for weeks on end while travelling. 

Firstly my trusty Canon EOS 30, held together by gaffer tape ( I slammed the back and broke it a few months ago) I love this camera. It takes me EF lenses and is a work horse. These cameras can be picked up for dirt cheap and go for days. I usually have my 20mm (not pictured) or cheap 50mm lens on it and use it as my B-Camera. 

Below is my Leica Minilux with its fixed 40mm lens. This camera is pretty cool, I managed to pick one up locally for a fair price and couldn’t resist. The lens is incredible and takes pin-sharp images. My only complaints are the tiny viewfinder, which makes precise composition of shots virtually impossible. Otherwise it’s a fantastic point & shoot camera.

The newest addition to my family and quite possibly my favourite 35mm camera I have ever owned is my Contax T2. Straight from yours truly, Bellamy Hunt from Japan Camera Hunter (Thanks again friend !) I have wanted this camera for 2 years, and finally was able to get one sent to me when I was recently in Asia. This camera shoots like a dream. It is perfect for my type of photography which is mainly street photography and fashion. I love the way the camera feels and the viewfinder is huge. The lens is the real winner here, and the images are gorgeous. It also is the perfect focal length for my type of work (38mm T2.8) I hope this camera lasts me for a very long time as I honestly don’t need anything beyond this. It’s very quickly become my A camera for all my professional work. 

My last camera is a Pentax ME Super with a 28mm and a 50mm which I picked up for a bargain. I honestly don’t use this camera too much but it is my go-to camera for experimenting with film. Its fully manual which means I can do double-exposures and also “flash” the film for exposure effects. I’m hoping to use this camera more readily for my experimental work in the future. 

My moonbag is from a Cape Town independent company called “Not Seen” / @notseenstore on IG.

I’ll usually be wearing one of their products with one of my point & shoots with a couple of rolls of film strapped around me. It’s the best and lightest way to travel and after years of carrying heavy camera bags with more gear than I needed, these types of bags are perfect for the minimalist approach to my shooting. 

Film wise I used to be a junkie for black and white, almost shooting exclusively on it. Nowadays I try shoot almost all my work on color, usually on Kodak Porta 400, Fuji Superia 200/400 or Agfa 400, depending on my budget at the time. I also still love my Ilford 3200IS0 and HP5, and the occasional roll of Lomo film for good measure. 

I also carry a collection of self-made postcards with my work on whenever I am travelling. I like to give new acquaintances some of my work, especially some of the models or people I meet while networking. Its basically a business card each with an original picture and my details.

Lastly I have a copy of my first self-published analog photography book. It’s entitled “I’m Fine Today” and features work from my travels around China, Hong Kong, Rwanda and South-Africa. It’s a work in process and I will hopefully be releasing the book for purchase through my website in the next few months, along with some self made t-shirts, stickers and post-cards.

My work can be viewed on and on Instagram my tag is @duranite 

Thanks for looking and feel free to $cope my work out, hit me up for any sort of collaborations or just say hi. Thanks again to Bellamy for the continued support and to websites like JCH for keeping film and film knowledge alive. Salute ! 

Thanks for sharing your gear with us, Duran. I am happy to see that T2 really getting some use.
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