In your bag 1157, Baptiste
Baptiste shares with us an eclectic mix of cool gear, in this lovely bright bag. Check it out.

My name is Baptiste
I’m a 26 year old french boy. I’ve finished my studies last year in architecture and social anthropology.

So I’m working now like an architect, and I try to find fellowship to continue my studies with a PhD. I would like to work on the relation between landscape and national identity.
The last year, I started to take pictures, and after few developments it was become something very important for me, in my everyday life.
I haven’t develop a specific aspect concerning my practice but I like take my bag and go outside to take pictures from my environment (portraits, landscapes, …)


In general I take two cameras in my bag (Rolleiflex / Canonet QL17 or Fujica ST801 / Minolta X700 or just the Noon ;) )
I love them and I like to take different cameras, one loaded with colors film, an other one with B&W.

That’s why « my bag » (could) contains all this stuff:

– Noon Pinhole 612
– Fujica ST801
– Minolta X700 (Gift from my father !)
– Canonet QL17 GIII
– Rolleiflex T1 grey

– Minolta MD: 50mm f/1.4 – 35-70mm f/3.5 – 135mm f3.5
– Fujinon EBC: 50mm f/1.8 – 35mm f2.8
– Helios 44 M42 58mm f/2

– JCH films cases (135 & 120)
– Filters (UV – Orange – Yellow – Light blue) for my Canonet QL17
– Canon Canolite D Flash
– Lumu Lightmeter
– Straps (Gordy and Tap and Dye)

– Ilford Pan 100
– Kodak 400TX
– Shangai GP120
– Kodak Ektar 100
– Fuji Superia 200 or 400

Thank you Bellamy for your website ! It’s always for me a great moment to go here and see your new posts !
My works can be found at:

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Baptiste. I am loving that Pinhole camera.
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