In your bag 1148, Mambo
A cool name and a cool bag. A very modern travellers setup, film and digital included. Oh, and something shiny too…

Hi Bellamy and hello to all your viewers! I have been following your blog especially this In your bag section where I enjoy/  envy the gears the photographers share, but I feel that I also need to share mine and be proud of what I have.

My name is Mambo, an Architect from the Philippines but currently working in Singapore. My girlfriend and I use to travel quite often and its mandatory that I bring my point and shoot camera with me, Canon S90 (not pictured). Its the first camera I own which was a hand me down gift from my sister and boy, It was the best camera I had that time. But one day, I felt the urge of upgrading to a better camera. Something geared for travelling. A camera I can change the lens and still be as compact. Bulky DSLR’s are not an option to me as I want to enjoy my travel more than carrying bulky cameras, with that thought in mind loads of researches, I found out about M4/3 cameras and soon bought myself an Olympus OMD EM10.

I started getting serious with shooting photos when I found out about street photography. Its amazing how people in the photographs suggest their emotion, tell their stories and communicate to you even there is not a single word has been said. A couple of months into street photography, and still under GAS, I started to explore shooting film. It was the best move I’ve made. The experience of shooting in all manual mode brings so much fun and at the same time makes my brain exercise a bit.

Ok, enough about me and more about my Tenba Small Messanger bag, here are the stuff that I will be bringing for our 5 day trip to Angkor Wat this February 2015.

(taken with my Canon S90)

1. Olympus OMD EM10 and M. Zuiko 17mm F1.8

2. Voigtlander 25mm F.95

3. Canon A-1 and FDn 50mm F1.8

4. Kodak Ultramax, Gold and Fujifilm Neopan film rolls contained in JCH’s film case

5. A filter case but has no filter. Ha! Only teared film box so I don’t forget what film I loaded, lens cloth and sd cards

6. Lens pen

7. Blower

8. Extra batteries for Olympus and Canon

9. Pen and notebook

10. Chargers/ Power bank

11. Galaxy S4

12. Ipod Touch and earphones

13. Passport

14. A little box of secret hidden inside. I hope she say YES!

Hope you guys would check out my images too!

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Thank you Bellamy for having me on your site!
Mambo Ferido

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Mambo. I do hope she said yes!
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