In your bag 1091, Austin Rogers
Austin has a very nice setup indeed, everything a writer for a photography website might want…apart from a bag that is! Check it out.

My name is Austin Rogers, I’m a staff writer at Fstoppers, a Columbus, OH based editorial and lifestyle (film) photographer, and a long time reader of JCH. I wanted to take a moment to submit my semi-everyday cary photo kit.

As far as the kit is concerned I carry an Nikon F100 as my primary film body with a Nikon 85mm f/1.4G. I love portraits (especially on film) and you really can’t beat this combination with reliable autofocus, a max shutter speed of 1/8,000, and the added bonus of people not calling  a hipster. I’ll occasionally break out my 50mm or 28mm but only if need-be. Attached to the F100 is also a Lance camera strap, this is the newest addition to my kit and I’ve loved it so far. It’s just something a little bit different and adds a nice pop of color to an otherwise pretty banal rig.

I also carry a Fuji Klasse S compact 35mm system, I love the 38mm focal length and the Fuji glass is awesome. I love to chew through cheap film like Kodak Ultramax 400 and Gold 200 and use it a lot like most people use their iPhone.

As for the less-than interesting stuff I always have my Macbook, Boardroom notebook, Draftmatic pencil, and Sekonic light meter.

Thanks again for the opportunity to get featured.
Sending you good vibes from Ohio and your friends at Fstoppers!

My work can be found at and


Thanks for sharing your gear with us, Austin. Next time let’s see a bag too. Happy New Year to all at Fstoppers.
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