In your bag 985, Shane Hull
Shane wanted to share his bag so much he sent it to me three times. Well, it got here and now you can all enjoy it too. Check it out.

I’m a working guy living in Melbourne who likes to get out and shoot when I get the time to (I wish it was a LOT more, but full time work is limiting).
I have a small 28 litre Kathmandu bag I take everywhere with me, which I got for $30.

Inside I have 2 cameras, one is the almighty Konica Hexar AF, which I try to use as much as possible. I keep this on me if I can, if not I have a beefy case for it that didn’t quite fit in the shot. A friend got me the Hexar from Hong Kong for $340AUD, which I thank him endlessly for. It’s in perfect condition except for the lens cap, which is a bit loose.

In addition, I have a Leica Z2X for things get a bit rough and I don’t want my Hexar ruined. This is my main “Partycam”, which I do care about, but don’t mind if it gets a bit of a thrashing in the name of photography.

The rest of the items:

Leather wallet

Lucas Paw Paw Ointment

Hand warmers

Film case with: 1x Fuji Pro 400, 3x Portra 400, 2x Agfa Vista Plus 400, 1x Fuji Provia 100

Kathmandu Merino wool gloves

Port Royal 50g Tobacco, Rizla filters and papers

iPhone 3gs (I refuse to upgrade until it dies)


Carhartt Beanie

I shoot what I find interesting.
If I had the time, I’d be a full time street photography fiend.

You can find a few of my shots here:

I may see you in Japan this December, if I do see your face I’ll say hey!
Thanks a bunch,

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Shane. Cool to see the Japanese hand warmers. They are soooo useful.
Check out the links and make sure you come and comment.

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