In your bag 972, Jakub Badaszewski
Jakub likes to keep it nice and simple. And I like that. Check out this great bag.

My name is Jakub,

I’m originally from Poland but live in Scotland for quite a few years now.

I started taking pictures when I was little with my Russian  Smena 8 camera then was Zenit and few other including wonderful Minolta XD5. After this everybody has gone digital and I didn’t have the money so I was photographing less and less taking basically just holiday photos.
Some time ago I got Nikon D300 and some lenses and everything started all over again.

Then I’ve found street photography, bought Olympus OM1 and fallen in love with film again, sold the DSLR kit and bought Fuji X-E1 with 18mm lens which is a back up for OM1 and my landscape camera. I don’t have camera bag now, I use Koolertron camera bag insert with my messenger bag, or a backpack .

So my bag consists of:

-Koolertron camera bag insert

-Olympus OM1n ( main camera)

-Fuji X-E1 (backup if I run out of film, and for landscapes )

-Ilford HP5+ (shot @1600 usually)

-Notebook and pen

-Sharpie for marking film


here are links to my website and FB page:

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Jakub. Nice to hear you have fallen in love with film again.
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