In your bag 967, Matthieu Deville
Matthieu promised to send me a bag a while ago, and now he finally has. And what a beauty. Check it out.

In few words, my name is Matthieu, I’m a French, 30ish guy, living in Lincolnshire (England) ans working as a geologist. This work is very good for a photographer as I’m travelling quite a lot, mainly in Middle East countries. I recently discovered that photography was quite a family stuff as my grand-father was using an Hasselblad and an Olympus (I have the latter but not the Blad unfortunately ahahah).

After few years using digital (had a Nikon D300), a friend of mine gave me my first film camera (a Nikon F-801S). However, I ‘re-discovered’ photography few years ago when somebody (who passed away unfortunately) lent his Rolleiflex Planar 3.5F to me. Using a 6*6 camera taught me the rigour and that I must think a bit before shooting as I only had 12 pictures on the roll ahahah

I had to give this Rollei back, but I bought another one, which is part of my ‘every-day’ kit. Although not a full-time photographer, I always carry a camera when going out,and my usual kit is illustrated in the pictures I submitted.

My full kit, the one I take when travelling is composed of
– a Billingham 550 (I love this bag so much…. but my shoulder hates it to be honnest)
– Rolleiflex Xenotar 3.5
– Nikon F100
– Nikon lenses 24mm 2.8 // 50mm 1.8 // 85mm 1.8
– Japan Camera Hunter film boxes for 135 and 120 (can’t live without them now!)

As I’m doing a lot of street photography (at least I try ahahah), this kit is good to me. I also got a Nikon 60mm 2.8 macro as well as a Nikon 80-200mm 2.8 but I’m not extensively using them. This kit, however, is a bit of a pain to carry during a full day and honestly my physio loves me!!!! But, well this bag’s awesome!As I now would like to explore other things , and mainly other formats as well as macro with film, I in the process of buying a Pentax 67 and a Fuji 690 (but my Graal would be a Tele Rolleiflex – One day it will be mine! Oh yes it will be mine as Wayne would say!).

For every day, I have a much smaller kit (second picture), including a Billingham Hadley Small (gift from my lovely girlfriend for my Bday!), my Rolleiflex and a box of TMax/TriX.

Regarding my work, I only recently got rid of my digital camera, only using my Iphone to take ‘memory’ pictures. I now concentrate only on film pictures, dominantly in B&W. I’m a great fan of the TriX (who’s not???), but I always got one or two rolls of Provia, just in case. As I said, I mainly do street photography as I really love to set the scene and include people and see how they behave. I’m a great fan of underground/tube shots, although it start to be complicated to put a tripod in an underground station because of safety reasons. If you want to have a look at my work, you can go there:

I honestly think that sharing our bags is sharing a bit of ourself so I would like to thank you Bellamy for giving us this opportunity. If one of you guys is passing by the Lincolnshire, feel free to contact me!


Matthieu DEVILLE

Thanks for sharing your bag, Matthieu. Love that Rollei.
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