In your bag 954, Grant Stewart
Grant shares with us a very interesting bag. With a camera that I have never seen before. A bullet cam?

Hi Bellamy and JCH readers,

A couple of pictures of my two day-to-day set-ups, which I use regularly on my wanderings around my (British) ex-pat home here in Malaysia, and on my travels around the world (which have become less frequent, unfortunately, in the last few years.)

The bag is my literal daily carry, always with some combination of equipment, and my daily necessities; wallet, keys, phone, notebook and pens. It’s a simple National Geographic midi satchel, with removable camera insert. Seemingly indestructible, showerproof canvas, with a rain cover which is *essential* in this tropical climate.

Brought up using film, I only retain one film camera after having used dozens, because processing film in Malaysia is becoming more and more difficult.

So, as I approach my 50th birthday, and 35 years of photography, here is my simple, but well used equipment:

1) That bag. Indispensable.

2) Ricoh GXR, with the 28mm lens, APS sensor combo – love this cameras feel and haptics. My daily shooter. With the 28-300mm module for extra flexibility when travelling.

3) Rollei HD Bullet “Action Cam”. Pretty nice 720p video, waterproof and just for fun.


Picture 2 –

1) Panasonic Lumix G3, with the excellent Sigma 19mm/2.8 lens.

2) The kit 14-42mm lens, mainly used for video.

3) Olympus body cap lens. Again, a fun “quick snap” lens ofor daily walk around shooting.

4) A decent CCTV lens, 25/1.4, for super bokeh and fun video!

5) The best 1967 FED3 you’ve ever handled. smooth as butter to wind, soft as silk on the shutter. Adjusted to perfection, and fitted with the famous “radioactive” Industar 55mm lens. Original Lomo ND filters, essential for tropical sunshine. Woefully under-utilised, but never going to be sold either! Use whatever film I can pick up as I travel.

Not as active on the web as I should be, but has some stuff,
And my Flickr has some older stuff that I like.


Thanks for sharing your gear with us, Grant. Part of me wonders why you kept the FED?
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