In your bag 882, Josh White
Third time’s a charm for Josh, who is back with a new setup (previous ones here). Come and have a look.

Back is Seoul again, and heard your plea for bags so I figured third time is a charm.

So, last time I sent you a bag shot I was in Toronto working on a project called, The Culture ( and was using an M5 and a Ricoh GXR for anything digital I needed.

Since coming back to Seoul the M5 gave out, so I was “lent” a titanium M6 which I’ve used since being back. It’s easier to shoot with than the M5 being lighter, but I where I could shoot the M5 at 1/15 handheld I can’t get with the M6. Anyway, it’s a great camera. The lens, is a Zeiss 50mm Planar. It is good enough for my purposes. The film case is one of yours, I have a couple ;) I shoot t-max 400 pushed a couple or some cheapo Chinese film for color once in a while. It’s sold in the 7/11s here in Seoul.

The digital camera is a Fujifilm Xpro-1 with the 18mm f2. I don’t shoot with it much, to be honest. It was given to me by someone not using it anymore. I like it, but it’s too clean for me. I have to fiddle too much with photos. I got it along with the M-mount adapter but I’ve yet to try it.

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

The “star” of the show is the little Sony compact with the stickers on it. While back in my hometown in Newfoundland the summer past, I found it under the seat of my Aunt’s car. She said she had forgotten about it and had left it there all winter. The model number is after rubbing off but someone told me it is a W100 maybe. I don’t know really, but after playing with it for a couple of hours after finding it I quite fell in love, haha. The settings are easy to use, the flash doesn’t pop up, it had a viewfinder, and a reasonably quick 2.8 lens. Has snap focus down to .5 of a meter and the settings just seem to be exactly where I want them. It’s actually become the camera I use the most, and am using it to do portraits of musicians in Seoul. Weird that, it’s in Pmode with the flash on all the time. Just dig it. If it died I would be on eBay for more.

I also have a Leica Digilux 2 which was my first camera. It’s the only camera I just keep. It doesn’t get too much use anymore and looks like it’s been through a war. It is at Leica Korea for service now, or else I would have included it in the photo.

The other stuff in the photo are just some headphones, my passport and documents.

The flash, stays on the M6 all the time. I shoot with flash nearly all the time now.

The bag is an Artisan and Artist something-or-other. It’s been with me for a while and I always make everything fit, ha.

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Thanks for sharing your bag with us again Josh. Some lovely stuff there.
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