In your bag 866, Daniel Sawyer Shaefer
Daniel is bag, with his latest setup. Check out all of this film goodness. Including one of my favourite cameras.

This is the second bag I’ve sent your way I believe, but a good deal of the kit has shifted since the last time I was up to bat. (the first one is here

The bag I’m sending you today has a secondary motive in addition to the normal geekery, I’m heading to NYC for both business and pleasure from April 24th-29th. I need help picking out my kit for the trip, as well as potentially finding some shooting companions for my time there!

The kit –

Leica M9, paired with 40mm Minolta Rokkor F/2 lens. – This is my every day carry camera, no matter what else I’m carrying, this set always within quickdraw reach.

Nippon Kogaku 8.5cm f/2 – A vintage gem I found for mere pennies at a local pawn shop, this lens is becoming a fast favorite as a compliment to my 40mm.

Leica M6 w/ modified advance – This was my former primary carry camera, but with the rising price of 35mm, it’s seeing less and less use, sheerly for the financial strain this beauty puts on the rest of the kit.

Yashicamat 124G – The oldest member of the family, I’ve been shooting this camera into the ground since she was adopted just before I went off to college, if I shoot film, it’s typically with this.

Hasselblad X-Pan – The latest addition to the family, I’ve only put a roll through him, but It was love at first sight as soon as I got my slides back.

Polaroid SX-70 – Another recent addition to the family, I love the way this camera handles, but just can’t seem to fall in love with any of the Impossible project’s film for it.

My kit, no matter the members always slides nicely into a small and solid Domke bag  (peeking over the X-Pan) that I stole from my father, and I won’t be caught DEAD without my Sekonic L308s, Leatherman Skeletool, or JCH 120 film case (stuffed with portra, hiding behind the yashica).

So that’s my dilemma ladies and gentleman! A curse of luck and plenty, I wear my burden of good fortune with a heavy head and mischievous smile. I’m only taking three, so what should it be??

Additionally, you can find my work on either my website or blog –

Also, if you’d like to hear my discuss my methods for shooting street, head over to The Shooting Street Show and check out the interview series! (I’m episode 2)

Last but not least, for those who might not know, I work for Leica as a brand ambassador and social media consultant, based out of their global flagship, Leica Store Los Angeles. Readers who’ve yet to have the chance to stop by and say hi, please do!

-Daniel Sawyer Schaefer

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Daniel. The X-pan is soooo sweet.
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