In your bag 858, Aislinn Chuahiok
It is about time we had a ladybag on the site. Aislinn shares with us her epic bag. Check it out.

Hi JapanCameraHunter!! (Bellamy)
I’ve been following your site for a while and I notice how very little to no women are featured on your In Your Bag segment.
I thought I should share my loot.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Aislinn… but you can call me Ais… and I have a problem. I’m a camera addict.
I am by no means a great photographer or a journalist or self-acclaimed visual artist, but by God, I love cameras.

I started loving photography since I was in middle school. I wasn’t the type who loved to be in a photo… I’d rather be the one taking the photographs. I belonged to a genre where once upon a time, Photoshop only had 4 basic functions, where the only means of sharing a photo is through printing them out and handing them off like flyers… where when the first digital camera came out, I thought it was sorcery.

No I AM NOT OLD. I just belong to that transitional age group that had the pleasure of enjoying both worlds. As I grew older, I became a better photographer and with my Nikon D300, it was almost a sure thing… a tried and tested formula, that 8 out of 10 times, the photo would be great! But if it weren’t, hey, there’s photoshop! Then I got bored… so I went to prove to myself that it’s not the size or technical advances in cameras that truly make a great photographer. I was told you needed the “eye” for composition. I was told you needed this or that or a discerning eye for proportion and lighting….

But you know what… (call me naive) honestly, just do it for yourself and take a shot of whatever makes you happy. And this is how I see myself as a “photographer”.

Yes sometimes, Holy Moly! I take a great shot and am in awe of myself… but most of the fun is also in the disappointment and not really knowing what you have until it’s all good and developed. This is why I chose film…. it’s my “me” time. It’s my little bubble of creativity where I have full control of a situation… even when sometimes, I don’t even know what I’m doing.

I’m the traveler who often gets stopped at customs and security for suspiciously bringing way to many cameras in my carry on. I was once stopped in Heathrow and interrogated why do I have so much cameras (as if I was a smuggler or some sort of creep… apparently they all look ominous in xrays)… I said, “Sir, first of all, these cameras are twice my age, hell I don’t even know which works”. And I was rewarded with a laugh.

I’m the type of traveler who often gets stopped by random strangers because I have 3 cameras around my neck. And that’s how I met many awesome new friends and connections whom have opened their homes, collections, albums, and secrets… Thanks to photography and cameras, I have travelled farther than I have ever imagined…

IN MY BAG and a MUST when I travel:

My Yashica 635, Rolleiflex Planar 2.8D, my Leica M6 and a slew of accessories and film.

They weigh more than I do. But I love medium format cameras.

I carry 2 because one is always loaded with a B&W film, and the other in color.

My Leica is King… I recently acquired it during a trip to Vienna, and I couldn’t hold my emotions in check when I walked out of the Leica store with him. I just broke down crying with joy. He and I are still getting acquainted though.

My Zeiss Ikon Ikophot light meter was a gift from a fellow camera collector. I think it’s sexy with character. Amazing how accurate this is, given the age.

I also hoard film… but that’s a different story!

I also carry all the time a notebook and a pen… I’m the type who know my weaknesses so I take down shots that I take, the weather, the camera settings, the film etc etc.


twitter: @aisbaby
instagram: AISSLINNN

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Aislinn. It is nice to see a lady bag, we certainly could do with more.
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