In your bag 833, Mr. Iovinelli (US Naval officer ca. 1964) by Dan K
A bit of a special bag today. A bag from the past. Dan K shares with us a very cool and historical bag which would have been used more than half a century ago. Check it out.

This camera bag and its contents were originally purchased on shore leave in Japan by a US Naval officer in 1959, but the film expiry dates are as late as August 1965. The system was built around a Canon VT Rangefinder (production Apr 1956 to Feb 1957) with leather half-case and accessory trigger wind grip. The lenses are a CANON 50mm f:1.2 and a CANON 135mm f:3.5. The fast normal lens allowed the use of Kodachrome and Kodachrome II slide film in relatively low light, but wide open, it is dreamily soft. The telephoto lens is an excellent portrait lens. Each lens comes with a set of three filters. The 48mm filters for the tele lens are UV, G1-green & Y3-Yellow; the 55m filters for the normal lens are UV, Y1-yellow & R1-red. There is a retractable gold lens brush with what appears to be sable bristles.

When needed, there is a Kenko Model C folding tripod and a Canon V flash unit with a folding 5″ reflector and four Westinghouse bulbs. Both have their own leather cases. The flash unit features a test lamp and bulb ejector and contains a Canon capacitor (100MFD) and one 22.5 Volt flash battery. It all went into a small, high quality leather satchel with shoulder strap.

I am impressed with the condition that these items were maintained for half a century; the photographer kept all his original manuals, warranty cards and catalogues, including the Canon model V system of photography manual, Canon model V system of photography lens and accessories catalogue, Canon lenses manual, The Canon Guide to 35mm photography, a Canon V deluxe advertisement flyer, original warranties for the body and both lenses receipt. He paid US$450 for the body and 50/1.2 kit lens.

Submitted by Dan K

About The Author
Dan K is a life-long enthusiast photographer. He celebrated his return to film by collecting just about every quality camera and lens that he could lay his hands upon. Along the way he has developed an encyclopaedic knowledge of film cameras and film processing. Follow him on twitter for a humorous look at photography techniques and technology from all eras. Follow him on Tumblr for his images, journey of photographic discovers and a generous helping of gear-porn.



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