In your bag 810. Zach Chudley
Zach has been following the site for a while, so I was wondering when I would see his bag on the site. And now he presents us with not one, but two bags. Check it out.

My name is Zach, I am a 25 year old Street/Documentary Photographer from England.

Love the “In your bag” section Bellamy. Never fails to entertain, so I thought I would give something back. I have just got back to London after spending the last year and a half in Sydney, Australia. Whilst in Sydney I was working for a great photography space, 10X8 Gallery. Specialising in reportage and documentary, and exhibiting some greats from Alex Webb to Raul Canibano. Please check us out –

I really missed my little country, and forgot just how proud I am of it. Now back home and inspired I am working on a long term project studying English heritage. In September I start my BA(hons) in Photojournalism & Documentary photography, which I am really excited about.

Would love for you guys to check out my website, drop me an email so I can check yours out in return! Links at the bottom. On to the bags:


BAG 1:
This is my kit when travelling. Its all I need and fits into my hand luggage nicely. I would also have a book or two in there which is not pictured. My current favourite is American Colour 2 by Constantine Manos.

– Leica M6. 1985 Wetzlar classic.

– Leica 35mm F2 Summicron. The only lens I really need.

– Voigtlander 21mm F4 Color-skopar. This is a new purchase that I have not used yet, but I have something planned for it.

– Leica 21mm finder and leather case.

– x20 rolls of Ektachrome Vivid Saturation. This has been my go to film when shooting colour. Sadly it’s now gone, and my stash has run out. I have a good 50 rolls just processed which I look forward to editing in a few months. With my slide film now gone I will be shooting Ektar 100 and Portra 400 (Portra @ 320 or 200 for extra saturation)

– Japan Camera Hunter film case. This is usually stocked with Tri-X 400, my choice for B&W. There is some Delta 3200 in there also at the moment.

– Negative folder. When travelling I get my film processed before moving on to the next destination. I like to keep my negs organised.

– Lens blow cleaner thing.

– Passport.

– Wallet. My Ex girlfriends father passed this on to me, He did some really great things for our world so I am honoured to have this.

– Iphone

– Note pad and pen.

bag 2

BAG 2:
I actually like to have as little on me as possible when out shooting, that being said this bag is tiny, and just fits what I need to work without feeling distracted or uncomfortable.

– Box of film. (Bellamy’s great cases again)

– Wallet

– Phone

– The camera is in hand all the time.

Thanks for taking the time to check my gear out. Please check out my portfolio at:

Take care guys.
All the best,


Thanks for sharing your bag with us Zach. Yea, I miss that Kodak VS too, what a lovely film it was.
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