In your bag 797, Bruno Candeias
Another returnee. This time Bruno shares with us not only his bag, but some of the gear that he recently got for his darkroom. Check it out.

My name is Bruno, I’m now 20 years old and I still study Civil Engineering in Lisbon, Portugal.
During this two years my gear changed a lot, as well as my mentality and way of shooting in the streets.
I try to focus on the projects I’m working on, and I use my free time after classes to photograph! So this is a school/photography bag all mixed together.

– The camera is a Rolleiflex 2.8F I inherited from my uncle, and after 25 years standing on a shelf it really needed a full overhaul.. now is working beautifully, and it’s my favourite camera ever.

– The bag is a Fjallraven no21, a small Swedish bag, yet waterproof and very well made.. It’s nice for both university and walking around the city!

– 80% of the time I shoot Fuji Acros 100, but I’m trying to switch to Rollei film, because I hate Fuji’s attitude towards film users..

– Swiss Army knife – useful and classic as always.

– Moo Minicards to offer to the people I photograph.

– Kindle Paperwhite – perfect, not only to read books, but also university stuff and photography articles.. I really hate reading on a computer, it hurts my eyes and is too distracting.

– TI calculator – it has more functions and buttons than a DSLR camera!

– some random stuff like pens and wallet that I forgot to include in the picture

Gear-wise that’s about it, but I’m so excited with this that I have to share – this year I decided to buy an enlarger and start printing at home! I got a Meopta Opemus 5 and a couple of Nikon lenses, and I plan to start printing in February!


For those who are interested, you can follow my work at:
My website:
My Tumblr Blog:

Thank you very much and keep on the nice work!
Bruno Candeias

Thanks for sharing your gear and your darkroom with us Bruno. Nice to see you again.
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