In your bag 789, Dan Muchnik
Dan send us an epic bag today…as far as we can see as it was shot with an i-phone. But Dan does have a valid excuse for this. Come and check out this pro bag.

Hello hello. My name is Dan Muchnik. I got stoked to send in my bag because you just featured my friend Matt Day’s bag. I shoot primarily skateboarding – hence the strobist gear, but much adventure in the form of both backpacking and other travel as well. The best place to check out my work at the moment is this interview up on Transworld Skateboarding – I also have an instagram page @muchnikphoto

As you can tell, I haul a lot of gear, and sometimes on foot (or rather, board) as we’re skating the city (San Francisco, at the moment). The digital gear lives in the big tamrac bag, and the hassy lives in the shoulder bag. The lowepro slingshot stays empty so I can take a smaller tailored set of gear for any shoot which comes up at a moment’s notice. what follows is a comprehensive list of the gear pictured. Cheers, and happy shooting!

photo 1 (1)


Nikon D300 w/ MB D10

10.5mm fisheye f2.8 DX

12-24mm F4 DX

50mm f1.4 AF-D

70-210mm F4 AF

photo 2 (1)-1


Hasselblad 500c/m with waist-level finder

A12, A24

80mm f2.8

150mm f4

Speed Graphic with 127mm F4.7 lens

I shoot Ilford for black and white, Kodak for C-41, and Fuji for E6.


Pocketwizards: TT1

PlusI transmitter

PlusI receiver

PlusII Transceiver

Super clamp

swivel bracket

2x Nikon SB 28 ganged together

Lumedyne P4XX and head

2 light stands


Not Pictured: Sekonic L558r meter

PS… sorry, this left me with my iphone to shoot a photo

Daniel Muchnik

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Dan, don’t worry, we forgive you for the i-phone thingy. Man, when I was skating it was my dream to be in transworld. Very cool.
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