In your bag 755, Diarmuid McDonald
Naughty Diarmuid has not put a bag in the shot, but thats ok, as the setup more than makes up for it. Come and check this one out.

My name is Diarmuid McDonald, I am a street photographer currently based in Manchester, UK. I have been taking photos since February 2013, and have only really been concentrating on street photography since July. I haven’t actually got a camera bag, so this stuff all just gets bundled into my rucksack, which seems to do the trick. In the past months I made the decision to shoot only in film, and I have not looked back.

My main camera is a Leica M6 with a 35mm Summicron lens. I am focusing on just using this camera, lens and Kodak Tri-X 400 (pictured) for the foreseeable future of my photography.

I currently use the Leica SF20 flash, either on the hot shoe or on my Nikon SC-17 cable. This hasn’t caused me any trouble from the people of Manchester yet, although some one I photographed made me join them in the pub where they gave me a lecture on the murders and church arsons that surrounded the Scandinavian Heavy Metal scene in the early 90’s.

I also use an Olympus XA with attached flash, this is more of my personal camera to carry with me when I am just on my way to work and am not looking for photos.

The miscellany that remains includes spare batteries for my flash, notepad and pen (to record my wandering thoughts), and a Magnum photographer Photofile for when I run out of inspiration.

At this point my kit is perhaps more impressive that my images, but I am trying to formulate some project ideas and hopefully will have some worthwhile photos in the new year.

Diarmuid McDonald

Thanks for sharing your…erm…no bag with us Diarmuid. That Scandinavian lecture must have been asolutely fascinating.
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