In your bag 754, Matt Bosco
Young Matt has been kind enough to share two of his bag/setups with us (though they look like the same one to me). Come and have a look.

My name is Matt Bosco, I am 16 years old and am residing in a town about an hour away from Toronto, Ontario. I have been messing around with cameras since I was about 12.  Anyway here are two of my bags, or odds and ends. i also have a bag oriented to shoot bmx/skateboarding or anything that I get payed for. Before I start, I would like to give shout outs to Kodak for making Portra and the Skate Perception RPD homies!  I mostly shoot photos of my friends and of interesting places or things. I am starting to work with more girls tpo shoot portraits and portraits which I’m super stoked on doing currently. I also shoot a lot of bmx/skateboarding stuff, for pay I shoot photos at a local indoor soccer league and assist the occasional wedding. I also have a part time job outside of photography.


Canon AE-1, Canon 50mm F/1.8, Neck Strap // This was my first camera, I have been shooting with it ever since I got it. Really enjoy slinging it around my back and going out for a cruise on my bike with one camera. I usually shoot whatever I have in it but I do prefer to use a 400 speesd version of Portra, Superia or HP5 PLUS.

Olympus Stylus Epic, Lanyard, Leather Case // This is my favorite camera I own, it is always in my backpack when I go to school or out anywhere. Small in size and light, superb lens, no lens cap for me to loose. My everyday camera. Again, I use whatever I have film wise in it but I have been shooting a lot of HP5 400 lately or any other B/W i can get my hands on.

Yashica D, Leather Case // I recently acquired this camera for $25 at a thrift store. Its alright but I wish I had kept my Mat 124G which I sold for something else. I do enjoy TLR’s though, pretty light and easy to use with huge results. I bought a bunch of expired Portra from a buddy, I love Portra for 120.

Fujifilm X100 // Best digital camera I have ever owned, hands down. I use it for pretty much everything now, paired with VSCO Film it produces great stuff. I’ve got an old strap on it right now but would like to get a Gordys Strap. It also have the lenshood and adapter plus a new lens cap on it.

SD Cards, (3) Extra Batteries // I always put the batteries in backwards, haha. They power the camera and store stuff so I can put it on my computer. Got the think tank case at some camera show, those guys are cool too.

Sekonic L-358, 120 and 35mm Film, Lenspen // Essentials. Lenspens keep stuff frosty. I obviously need 35mm and 120 film to use these cameras, here Ive got a couple rolls of expired Portra 160 and 400vc. The only camera that needs the lightmeter is the Yashica D, so thats what I use that for. I also use it with my x100, shooting portraits and such.

Wescott 5-in-1 Reflector, Sekonic L-358, Lenspen // I actually just ought this because it was on sale and its to cold to shoot portraits right now so it wont get on use until the spring. I use the lightmeter with this camera quite a bit especially for portraits, metering the face to get the perfect constant exposure and the of course Lenspen again.

Leather Fanny Pack  // I found it at my grandparents place, it fits everything kind of well but it will have to do for now. Just incase anyone is wondering, I don’t actually wear it like a fanny pack. I would like to get a ONA Bowery insert though.

Poler Stuff Day Pack // Super great bag for any situation, I use it every day for school and also to hold my fanny pack and a couple other cameras/accessories.

So yeah, thanks for reading this! Check out my work and follow me on social networks.

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Thanks for sharing your gear with us Matt. Heh heh, you said fanny. Ahhh, North American English is funny.
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