In your bag 747, Frank Yu
The cat is out of the bag. Erm. Well, it is in the bag…Oh I don’t know. I am sure you lot will have a field day with the puns. Enjoy this very cool bag shot.

My name is Frank Yu and I am an American ex-pat based in Beijing for the last 10 years. I work in technology and video games but like many people, my passion is street photography and meeting people who love photography. Beijing is a very vibrant, gritty and dynamic city. In the last 10 years it has gone through massive changes and makeovers quite rapidly. The mixture of the old and the new, the rich and the poor makes life in China interesting and challenging. Like life in New York in the 1930’s or Tokyo in the 60’s, Beijing today is a city of cranes and construction and its been a fantastic experience photographing our changing city and the diverse mixture of people who come and live here.

My bag and equipment reflects my desire in the last few years to have lighter and simpler gear. Like many photographers, I started with the large DSLRs with the massive telephoto zooms and rucksack full of gear, tripods and lights. I still have them but I find myself these days carrying just enough gear to take street photography and cover events for our local magazines. I’ve gone ultralight and rediscovered the joy of just taking random images on my walks.

My Bag is a vintage all leather briefcase that I found in a used leather bag store here. It also serves as my work bag when its not a photo bag.

Inside I usually carry 1 or 3 of my favorite cameras with similar retro design looks.

My favorite camera is my Fuji x100s with its fixed lens. I carry one SD card inside the camera and 2 spare batteries in a small leather pouch.
My second camera is a Fuji Instax 90 Polaroid Mini type camera that I take so that I can give away Prints to people I meet when I take their picture. I carry a spare 10 exposure pack.
My experimental camera is a Holga camera that has the same retro color design pattern as my Fuji cameras and uses 20mm analog film. I love the Holga and the shots it takes since I am not really sure how the images will turn out. I carry a spare roll of 20mm film.

Not shown, is my iPhone 4S loaded with a hundred photo apps. I use Hipstamatic almost exclusively which is how I took this bag picture.

I also carry my iPad Mini with a custom made leather case. I also have a Custom made leather notebook with pen holder. This being China, having custom made leather goods is cheaper than buying it in Japan and the US. On top of all that is a little leather change bag which keeps my small change organized.

The cat is Kitty, my pet. She does not go into the bag during my walks.

I hope you get a chance to come to Beijing and meet some of the fine folks here in our Photography community. I can show you our Chinese analog knockoff cameras like the Sea Gull and Great Wall cameras that can be found in our used camera and antique shops.

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Thank you again and take care,

Thanks for the bag shot Frank. I would love to come and see Beijing one day.
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