In your bag 744, Andrea La Rosa
Not a bag in sight. Because Andrea carries this lovely setup in his pockets. Come and check it out.

My name is Andrea La Rosa and I live in Palermo, Sicily, Italy.
I am a 21 years old medicine student, but my real passion is photography.

I have been taking pictures since I was 10, mostly shooting digital since 4 years ago when I bought my first Nikon FM. After that, I just started collecting film cameras and developing/printing my own negatives, but I never disliked shooting digital too.

Here is what I carried for my last trip in China (mostly Beijing and Shanghai).
My favorite focal lengths are 28, 35 and 50, so I usually take only primes with me.

Actually there is no bag, because everything I carry fits my pocket or is standing on the neck strap. Less is more, you know…!

The cameras are:

– Leica M4 + 50 Summicron v3. My favorite camera, full manual controls, no batteries, photographic perfection. Love the summicron looks, especially with b&w films like TriX and Neopan 1600.

– Ricoh GR (aps-c) with the outstanding GR Lens 28mm f/2,8. That is the camera I always bring with me for my everyday life pictures. It is light, small and unobtrusive, perfect for some street.

– iPhone 4. Mostly used for Instagram, but it is also my pocket light meter.

I took the bag shot with a Nikon D7000 that is my main camera when I want to use a digital reflex.

Here is my Flickr:

Thanks for sharing your pockets with us Andrea, that M4 is lovely.
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