In your bag 735, Alva Christo
Merry Xmas all, I hope you have a good day, whatever it is you are doing. Alva shares with us a very lomo inspired bag for your enjoyment. Check it out.

I’m Alva Christo from Jogjakarta, Indonesia, I’m 17 years old (almost 18). I studied and live in UWC USA, New Mexico, USA now. I started photography since about 4 or 5 years ago, and I really love analog photography. I joined a local analog camera community in my city called Kamera Analog Jogjakarta (KAJ). I’m still learning and exploring analog cameras right now, which is very interesting for me. Since I moved to USA, I just brought my Canon EOS 1000D and Zenit ET with SMC Takumar 50mm f/1.4 and Jupiter 37AM 135mm f/3.5, and some films. After 3 months I collected some cameras, I got Argus cameras, Lubitel 166 Universal and LC-A. I made my own pinhole too (but untested).

So, inside my bag :

– Lubitel 166 Universal

– LC-A with flash

– Films (135mm BW – Color)

– Canon EOS 1000D kit (not in the picture)

– SMC Takumar 50mm f/1.4 + adapter to EOS

– Argus Coated Cintar 50mm f/3.5 + adapter to EOS

– Pencil and notes

– Name Tag

– Wallet

– Phone with earphone

I made my own adapter for Argus Coated Cintar 50mm f/3.5, I really like this lens because of the small body and great bokeh, also this lens is great for BW and color.

For films, I used both color and BW, all 135mm films. For BW I use lucky, cheap but very great films, and for color I prefer use kodak 200 (for redscale and normal color). Also I use a lot of expired and slide films too, which produce unique color rendering and grains.

I wish I can get large format, which is still expensive here. I already exploring thrift store in nearest city (Las Vegas, NM), but I still want to explore Santa Fe. I hope I can find cameras there.

So, that’s all inside my bag…

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Thank you!!!

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Alva. I love your enthusiasm for the craft. Keep it up.
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