In your bag 733, Marc Salomon
I really dig this bag. It is simple and has some cool gear inside. Just what the doctor ordered. Check it out.

My name is Marc Salomon, i am from Germany, Bavaria.
I am a hobby photographer, or semi professional some would call it. Let’s just say i love photography ;-)
I don’t use a photo bag, instead i use my everyday „aunts and uncles“ leatherbag.
I prefer this bag because it doesn’t look like a typical photo bag.

The Olympus XA with or without the A16 flash is in my bag every time, and a roll of Tmax400.

Some batteries for the flash. I like this old little rangefinder camera, i owned one many years ago, two years ago i bought one in ebay again. You might get one for about 50eur in good condition.

In low light a little bit difficult to focus, but with focus trap a cool point and shoot in the streets.

My Minolta X700 with the 45/2.0 or the 50/1.7 is in my bag sometimes. A bit heavy but a good robust SLR and excellent lenses. I bought it second hand but it had some light leaks. I bought an repair kit and glued new soft stripes to prevent it of incoming light. works fine now. Cheap prices on ebay or in second hand shops.

My „main“ camera at the moment is the Fuji X100S, have to say i owned an Leica M9 for about 4 Years but had to sell it unfortunately because of some private reasons. With some „rest“ money i was looking after an worthy representative. I found the Fuji X100S and i was excited. still i am. My everyday street performer. But not only street, people, portrait too. Most people only ask „is this a film camera?“ or „oh this is an very old camera right?“. It is compact, fast enough, excellent quality, 35mm lens f2.0, sharp and without attracting attention in the streets most of the time, thats what i like most.

Additively i use a Canon 600D with different Canon lenses and ext. flash or studio light for studio works, people, portrait, reportage, wedding and so on. I shot this gear-photo with my Canon.

Thank you for showing my bag on your blog. i read your blog regularly, its great.

More of my photographic work you can see on my website my blog or my flickr account


Thanks for sharing your bag with us Marc. Nice to see the minolta making a show.
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