In your bag 719, Chris Cameron
Chris has a seriously simple setup for the streets of Hong Kong. And he has a lovely story of how he got back into shooting film. Come and check it out.

My name is Chris Cameron. Born in Scotland but living with my Wife in Hong Kong.

Just like a few others I have read about on here. I really got into Film Photography after taking a module in High School but stopped for a few years.

Up until about 5 Years ago when my (now Wife) left her Canon AT-1 with me I decided to start taking pictures one day and being doing it ever since. I had been using the Canon for about 2 years and then bought my first Rolleiflex T2 before coming to Hong Kong and while I was here i bought a Rollei 35, just for something a bit smaller (not lighter!) to carry around with me! I love taking pictures of people and landscapes.

I will occasionally take more arty pictures when the opportunity presents itself. I do need to (and want to) improve my night time photography skills. So here is my bag!

1) Canon AT-1: with 50mm lens and 135mm lens. Although not much to look at. Its very simple designed makes it easy to use and is a great camera for beginners to use. I have yet to use the 135mm which is why i have put it on now! It will be nice to see what I can get from it.

2) Rolleiflex 3.5T: Bought from one of my older colleagues before leaving Scotland, I actually got 2 of these but the other one has quite a bit of damage so is unusable. I got it with a few filters and lens hood. I also have the 16 frame film mask that i use now and again. I do use the this Rollei a lot more that the other, purely because of the great up close shots you can get with it. I never get bored of the looks i get while using this camera, even from those who walk around with big expensive DSLRs. I will hold on to this camera for a very long time.

3) Rollei 35: Ah the newbie in my collection, I stupidly broke this the first time I used it. ALWAYS READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. I have never used a guestimate a camera before so its even more of a surprise when you finally get to see your pictures. It is actually quite heavy for its size but i find it cute and fun to use.

4) I love shooting in colour, especially living in Hong Kong where everything is bursting with colour. That is not to say I wont use B&W too. Mostly colour with the Rolleiflex and Black and white with the other 2. I don’t really have a preference with film, Fuji, Kodak, Ilford I even used a role called Shanghai! Anything and everything

5) Sunglasses and Cap: because its hot as hell over here.

6) Galaxy S4: Because i cant read a word of Chinese and get lost pretty easily! So the map comes in handy.

7) Corsairs camera bag: With padded protection in the bottom section I no longer need to worry about my cameras too much! It also has a waterproof cover that hides in the bottom of the bag. Loads of pockets for water (LOTS OF WATER) and film!

Well that’s it! Glad i could share my bag and look forward to reading more from others!

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Thanks for sharing your bag and your story, Chris. Nice to see someone with the Rollei in HK.
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