In your bag 718, Han Dekker
Han has a seriously different camera setup for shooting street. One I am sure that not many of us have seen. Homemade lens hacks for the win.

My name is Han Dekker, i’m a streetphotographer in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. My photo’s are to bee seen at
My bag is a Billingham. A bag for life.

In my bag a Canon 5D mk2 with several lenses, amongst them is a homebuild anastigmat from an old (1927) Agfa Billy Record.

An Olympus Pen EP1 with 17mm pancake. Bought at the first day it was available.

My new Fuji X100s. Love it. Hear about ten times a day compliments for ‘using such an old style camera’.

An Lomo LC-a+ with mini-instax back. For occasional use, mostly a picture in picture.

My 1961 Zorki 4 with 35mm lens and occulair. I do not use this one that much anymore but I will keep it for sentimental reasons.

Furder my sigarettes, Moleskine agenda, fountainpen and my sunglasses.

Not im my bag but still in the house is a Canon A1 with 28, 35, 50 and 135mm lenses. Bought in 1986 and it has travelled with my for about 25 years without any problems.
I never leave home without a camera. Never.

Han Dekker

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Han, that Antistigmat is very very cool.
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