In your bag 708, Chase Grover
Chase may be a student, but this certainly does not look like a students bag. check out this beautifully simple bag.

I’ve been following in your bag for quite some time now and just love looking at other peoples gear and why they use it. My name is Chase Grover (23 years old), from Illinois but currently in central Washington state. I recently moved out this way for grad school (Im a ceramic sculptor) and thats what Ill be doing the next 3 years. Living only a couple hours from Seattle is great but shooting in this small town is great too.

Taking photos is a very recent thing for me after not being able to skateboard and film (video), my outlet for my hobby fix changed to taking pictures. I do not consider myself a photographer, just someone that enjoys taking pictures. I have been filming skateboarding for about 6 years and about 3 years ago got my first camera (dslr) for alternate video angles and more importantly, take pictures of my artwork. There was a slow transition out of video with motivation around me becoming less apparent, then finally physically not being able to anymore.
I then, off of a whim, bought a bronica Sq-a, and realized how much I enjoyed taking pictures. Eventually I sold off the DSLR gear to downsize and that is now where my current setup is. I still take the bronica or canonet out from time to time, but this is the usual.

So, onto the setup. (Apologies for the Iphone photos)

•Bag – Billinham Hadley Large with shoulder pad. I have always been one to have GAS but more so with bags. This is the longest Ive ever owned a bag and I have to say I wont be getting rid of it for a while. I carry it literally everyday (I recommend the shoulder pad, never slips off). Camera insert on off days, then days I go into work the laptop/folders etc go into it. Its a very pricey bag but I dont regret it for a second.

•Fuji x100s with JCH strap – I was itching to share this strap on here, #4/50 and such an elegant strap. This camera is great and its been on me more than any other camera Ive owned. really motivated me to take pictures. It also Has a domed lens hood. The reason for this is using on camera flash if I need to for fill etc and it worked very well too. Occasionally I will bring out another camera but 9/10 times its just the x100s. My favorite thing to do with it is turn off the LCD and treat it like a film camera (sometimes I cant resist the urge to view the picture). I am against the spray and pray method so a normal outing Ill come back with 15 pictures at most. Id like to eventually be able to shoot in BW mode with BW filters, a fuji monochrom if you will. In time…

•ef x20 flash – This is a very recent purchase because I wanted to try something out of my normal day shooting street.I am terrible at using it (or the camera in general I suppose) but its all in fun. I have to say I really love it and when Im not using it, it fits in my pocket for quick access and no need for a sync cable or slave!

Bits and Bobs
•Billingham canvas bag for if I stop at the market, thrift stores etc. “take your canvas bags to the supermarket” – Tim Minchin.

•film canisters – One holds extra batteries for the flash and the other I put my rings in it when I go through particularly sketchy areas (more common in Chicago than Seattle).

•Sketch pad and notepad – Id say self explanatory

•Pencil pouch for sharpies, pencils, extra battery, lens cloth etc. clutter is never good in a bag.

•My Kershaw knife which is always clipped to my pocket. “Theartofmanliness” states that every man should own I knife and I couldnt agree more.

•Its starting to get colder here in Washington so the essential Items lately are a scarf and gloves. My mother made me some fingerless gloves for when Im out shooting, Id recommend some to everyone. On particularly cold days I can take a divider out and put another sweater in if necessary.

Thanks for reading, I do not have a website for my sculptures yet but I do have my flickr account and youtube.


Thanks for sharing your bag with us Chase, and thanks for getting the JCH strap, I really appreciate it.
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