In your bag 707, JapanCameraHunter: Hong Kong edition
I don’t share my bag all that often, as I like to let you lot have the chance to see more interesting bags. But this time I thought I would share with you what I am taking on my upcoming trip to Hong Kong.

I guess you all know me by now, and if you don’t you can always check here. I may be JCH and based in Japan, but sometimes I do have to go to Hong Kong, as there is a very strong film and camera scene there. And I never complain as there is tons to see and so much good street shooting that I cannot resist.

So I have packed the bag I will be taking on my daily travels through the city, sometimes I will leave one camera, or the computer in the hotel, but mostly I will be carrying this lot.

– Mammut Xeron Element Conzetta 100 years
This is a limited edition bag from the Mammut group to celebrate their 100 year anniversary. I blagged it from someone who works there.
This is a lightweight, spacious backpack which fits all of my gear and sits well on the back. I really rate it.

– Domke insert
I pulled this out of one of my Domke F2 bags. This insert fits perfectly in the backpack, and takes 2 cameras and a lens without any bother. I don’t worry about my gear when I have this inside the bag.

– Macbook air
Well, meh. A $1500 facebook machine. But it is light and I can do what I need without breaking my damned back. That and I am a luddite when it comes to windows.

– I Love Film pouch
I was given this by a good friend, and I now use it for my stickers (gradeselect), my cool business cards, a cloth and pens etc.

-British Passport
Thanks, your Majesty.

-Octopus card
This thing is great, you can ride everything in Hong Kong. Invaluable.

-i-Phone 5
It is a phone, that you can touch. I have made it my bitch.

-Westone headphones
These are so good that I realised that I am actually a little bit deaf in one ear.

-Film case
One of my very own film cases, filled to the brim with Neopan 1600. I like to shoot in low light in HK, and this film gives me what I need.

Leica M3 Kanto repaint black paint w/50mm Voigtlander Nokton ASPH
I have totally fallen in love with my M3 and I take it with me everywhere. I am also really enjoying using the Nokton. It is well balanced and sharp when it needs to be. My favourite 50mm lens at the moment. There is a nice Cub and Co strap on the camera.

-Zeiss Ikon w/35mm Summicron ASPH Chrome
The RF on my MP has gone out of alignment after a knock in London, so I have decided to send it to the shop and get it completely sorted out. Whilst I am doing that I am going to test out this rather spiffy Ikon.

Well, that is it. That is what I shall have with my in HK. If you are about and see me, say hi. I am thinking of perhaps some kind of meet up over the weekend too.
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