In your bag No: 696, Kevin Llerena
Kevin certainly has a bag, a very prominent bag. And that is a good thing, as there have been a few people forgetting the bag thing lately. Come and check out this great one from Rhode Island.

Hi there! My names Kevin and I’m from Rhode Island. I’m a 21 year old nursing student who loves to take pictures wherever I go. I started shooting 3 years ago with a Canon 60D, and at around the same time I also got this canon ae-1 as a birthday present from my fiancée. I quickly fell in love with film and the sturdy feeling of the film camera in my hands, even after my 60D turned into a 5D. So I sold my digital camera recently, and purchased my Bronica SQ-B to turn my photography equipment into a full film outfit, and I couldn’t be happier. The bag is a Kid Robot bag I bought about 3 years ago as well with a camera insert. I have one of your 120 film cases loaded with hp5, expired delta, and usually some portra. I use a Gossen Lunasix for metering that I found in a $10 bin at a camera store.

My little notebook is used to write down some of the more tricky exposures I try, in addition to other notes I may have on my travels.


For some reason, my Nikon l35af wasn’t in the original picture, but that, and my iPhone 5, are my quick shot cameras. My tumblr is, I recently deleted all my old accounts to start this new one.

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Kevin. Nice to see someone enjoying the 135af, it is a greatly underrated camera.
Check out the link and come and comment.

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