In your bag No: 692, Alexander Ruas
A brilliant bag shot….wait, no bag. Again. Alexander admits to having a bag, but it is too knackered to show. No bag is too knackered. Show them. In fact, new rule, if you don’t have a bag somewhere in the shot, then it will not go up. Read on…

I’ve been a freelance photographer for 20 years and have spent half of my career in NYC and half in Stockholm. After studying at the International Center of Photography in New York I spent about two years as an assistant to Mary Ellen Mark. I was mostly interested in persuing a career as a photojournalist.

After working for a few years I expanded to a broader range of assignments as I really loved the variety. For the last fifteen years I have now combined documentary work, photojournalism for magazines, advertising and of course personal projects. The red thread throughout is people in places. Weather it is ads for corporate clients of a reportage for a magazine I always photograph people in places. Still lives, studio work or landscapes are not what I do best. I love photographing people since it gives me the chance to interact with people that I would normally never come in contact with – mine workers in Vietnam, gang members in Los Angeles, doctors in France or artists living right next door to me in Sweden.

Here are the contents of my bag.

-Leica M9

-Elmarit-M 21/2.8 w/ viewfinder

-Summilux 28/2

-Summicron 35/2

-Summicron 50/2

-Canon 5DII

-Canon 24/2.8

-Canon 35/2

-Canon 50/1.2

-Makina Plaubel w/ Nikkor 80/2.8

-Polaroid 165

-Close up attachment

-Self timer

of course memory cards, tri-x, batteries & my trusty flashes ;-)

Now what about my bag…. I’ve used the same old Domke bag that’s falling apart and way too ugly to distract from my lovely gear to be included in the photo!

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Thanks and keep up the fight!!
alexander ruas

Thanks for sharing your gear with us Alexander. Newt time please make sure you have a bag in the shot.
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