In your bag No: 681, Mateusz Grybczynski
Todays bag is quite possibly the only street bag I have featured with pepper spray inside. It must get pretty hairy shooting the streets of Warsaw. Come and check it out.

My name`s Mateusz, I`m Warsaw ( Poland ) based street photographer. I`m shooting street for over 5 years now.
I`m founder of, a street photography community that works mostly on Facebook. I`ve participated in numerous group exhibitions but nothing solo yet.
I`m not a traveller and most of my pictures are from Warsaw only.

Here`s my bag:

Black cameras:

– Pentax MESuper coupled with rare SMC Pentax M 28mm/f2. I love this camera, we went through a lot of stuff and  when i had the oportunity i had it signed by Bruce Gilden himself. Right now it sits on my shelf but sometimes i take it for a walk.

– Pentax SuperA with SMC Pentax M 50mm/f1.7. I`d say it`s even better than MESuper. It`s deffinetly more comfortable to work with and the lens is superb for colour.

– Bessa R3M with Voigtlander Nokton 35mm/f1.4 Classic. Best setup for rangefinder beginners. It`s not too expensive and you have the leica experience. I should get R2M for that lens but i liked the idea of 1:1 finder. Now i`m planning to get Nokton 50mm/f1.1 for that R3M and for 35mm the R2M.

Silver cameras:

– Fuji X100 – WOW this is the camera that might turn me to the dark ( digital ) side of the force. I just got it a couple of days ago so it`s with me always since then.

– Contax G2 with Biogon 28mm/f2.8 Incredible camera and the lens is superb. If they`ll make it digital one day i`ll be the first one in line for it.

– And last but not least Pentax MX with SMC Pentax 35mm/f2. I`d say it`s SLR version of my Bessa setup, light, no need of batteries and a great  way to start shooting manual cameras.

Obviously i don`t carry all those cameras at the same time. Right now it`s Contax G2 an Fuji X100. But quite often i take other cameras with me. It always depends on my mood and puprose of my pictures.

As for stuff other than cameras:

– SuperOptik lens cleaning liquid – I`m quite slopy and verry often find my fingerprints on the lens. This comes with my Microfiber cloth (which i forgot to add to the picture) which i got as a gift from the owner of Leica store after an exhibition.

– Some batteries for the Pentax/Bessa cameras, i never remember which have fresh batteries so i just always carry some new ones.

– Pepper spray for self defence. Happily i never had to use it, but i keep it in always open pocket in front of the bag.

– Two rolls of Kodak TriX and two rolls of cheap 200ISO Colour negative just in case. I shoot BW most of the time but i like to have it just in case.

– Pen for notes and Sharpie to note on the film canisters. I sometimes just roll back unfinished rolls and note how much frames i took. This way i`m not restricted switching the film only after 36frames.

– Moleskin notepad, as there is always something to note or draw.

– Some wet wipes for my glasses.

– Two 52mm filters Orange and Polariser, they often come in handy when i`m shooting film.

– In some near future i`m planning to buy JapanCameraHunter film case.

And finaly the bag, It`s a noname cheap bag which i bough slightly used. It`s rather well made and holds my NG bag insert like a glove. What`s important, it doesn`t look like a photo bag.

In the insert i added four pieces of foam just to add some more safety to my gear.

On the bag i always have two climbing carbines. Sometimes i attach a small tripod to them but most often i just clip them to shopping bags while shopping with my wife :D

If you liked my bag please visit my blog:

Mateusz Grybczynski

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Mateusz, that is a truly lovely selection of gear you have there. Keep safe.
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