In your bag No: 661, Mark Kirchner
Today we have something a little bit different. Not so much a bag as a mini camera workshop. Mark shares with us this fascinating technique for photography on the move. Check it out.

I love looking at people’s workshops, so it make since that a camera bag can be thought of as a small workshop in which we organize our tools.

The bag I am sharing today is part of one method that I employ to make photographs. The bag is a bicycle basket/box that I built to hold a mini Pelican case. I wanted to be able to stop the bike, stand straddling the bike then open the case without twisting my body or leaning over the handlebars. The box/basket is a strategy to cover more physical ground when I photograph in areas that have lower human density.

I keep this kit as simple as possible. The kit includes a Leica M3 camera with 50mm Summicron lens, loaded with Ilford HP, 2 stop neutral density filter, my tabletop tripod, post cards and street card. I also include my Japanese bicycle bell and helmet as part of the kit.

My website is about the first World War II American Concentration Camp. During the war the site was photographed by Dorothea Lange, Ansel Adam and as an internee Toyo Miyatake. I have been photographing the physical site and the annual Manzanar Pilgrimage since 1983.

Mark Kirchner
Newport Beach, California

Thanks for sharing this bag/workshop with us Mark. It is very cool to see.
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