In your bag No: 659, Kryštof Korč
This is a bag shot of epic proportions. It should probably be called ‘what’s in your studio’. I normally wouldn’t feature something this big, but I just had to as it is fascinating. Check it out.

I actually sent one bag shot in the past, thinking about that I have to do so when there would be different cameras in my gear. Since then it changed lot more than once and now, just radio triggers remained the same. From SLRs, digital and film, I went to Nikon D800E and D600 combination, but then I got totally fed up with DSLRs and SLRs even. I realized they are the most universal ones, so there is nothing that they are really good at.

So I ended up with:


Cambo 4×5 view camera vith 150mm Rodenstock lens, some Lisco 4×5 cartridges for Fomapan B/W film and one 120 cartridge for Fuji NS 160 negative. When I have time, or I photograph something really serious and super personal, this machine is used.


Second one is Fuji GX680 with 135mm and 65mm lenses. It was always my dream camera and Iam still stunned how beautifully it operates, its like some super precise chirurgic tool and war machine at one time. Since I got Cambo, its becoming obsolete and Iam thinking about letting it go and buying smaller GW680, so some beautiful Fuji will remain in my house. I put FP-100, Pro 160NS and Provia in the cartridges.


And because I was used to digital, I kept two of theese devices for the lazy work. Olympus E-P1 and Panasonic GH-2. I love theese two, first one is street shooter and second one a small capable DSLR-like operating device full of those stupid functions you need once a year.

The speciality is, I have just Olympus CapLens 15mm for theese two and I dont use it much, cause I make my own lenses now.


Actually Iam starting to work on series of those punk-made optics. One day I found myself with a broken lens and a M43 bayonet, I didnt want to just attach it to each other, so I took just one lens from the optic group and aperture, glued it somehow to the bayonet and voila! It wasnt anything optically amazing, but it was very personal and unique, I photograph most often with this lens since then and I started to make others. Right now I have 8 fix-focus lenses nearly done, and other designs planned, just working on them.


So thats like it all, hope you enjoyed these. Kryštof Korč

What is not to like? Massive cameras, punk lenses and loads of passion. I only wish there was some online stuff for you all to see do.
Thanks for sharing this Kryštof, very interesting.

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