In your bag No: 656, Gerardo Gonzalez
Now normally I would feature a bag shot without a bag in it, I have become pretty strict recently. But this one I shall make an exception for as it is the first bag I have featured from Venezuela. How cool is that? Check it out.

Hello every one my name is Gerardo and I am from Venezuela. I’m sound Engineer and currently I am studying journalism. Photography is one of my passions, now I am shooting with digital and film camera, but I prefer analog photography over digital for my personal work. I like to shoot people, portrait, some street photography, live concerts, and fashion photography. I travel a bit so I like to bring my camera with me all the time

My bag for travel

· Canon 5D Mark III (is a work hors, a bit heavy but I am strong enough)

· Canon 24 – 70 2.8 L (a big lent for travel but you can use in any situation)

· Canon 50 m 1.8 (his lent is very cheap, small and it has a descent quality is you use it at 2.8f or 4f, I never use it at f 1.8 is too blurry).

· Mamiya 645 M (this is my old medium format camera, I love medium format, I used for portrait and landscape)

· Mamiya 80mm f1.9 (good for portrait, is my utility lent)

· Mamiya 45mm f2.8 (good wide angle lent)

· Olympus XA (excellent lite camera, I carry it everywhere I go)

· Film (I like a lot Kodak Porta 400, Kodak Tmax 400)

· Standad Tripod

· Samsun Galaxy S3 (for music, light meter, cell phone)

· Passport

· Laptop (with Lightroom 5 and VSCO Film pack 1 and 2)

· Camera bag (my camera bag was broken from my last trip, so I am looking for a new one right now)

· Snack (Cocosete)

Is a pleasure do what you like, and for me photography is a pleasure not a job, I enjoy every click in any situation, to get the best image that I can.

The picture of my equipment was taken with Canon A1 and Lomography 800 CN (I sometimes I carry my Canon A1 with 50mm f1.4 lens, when I don’t use the mamiya 645, because the bag gets very heavy)

You can find more about me here


Thanks for sharing your gear with us Gerardo, I hope that you find the bag you are looking for.
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