In your bag No: 646, Jesse Freeman
Jesse writes the book reviews for JCH, and he makes movies too. And now he is going to share his bag with us. I have been waiting for this one for a while now. Come and check out the bag of a JCH featured writer.

I decided to do a second in your bag feature. My first was well before I started doing the book reviews on the site, so thought it would be nice to write about something else for the site, especially since I am horrible at technical details about cameras.
This bag is quite different from my last in that this is the set-up I use to shoot my short films with.

Starting clockwise-ish, I use a Porter duffle bag. It is the only bag I have that can fit everything. I learned from my first film that no matter what, you should always clean your lens before every shot. I had one major scene in my first film where there were just spots all over the shot. So I always have a cloth and blower.

In the smaller Porter case is my Ricoh GR1s that I always have on me. Still getting use to it, but with digital I always worry about batteries, so I always keep two and charger.

The lenses are Leica R lenses I got from my ikebana teacher. They are apart of the Safari edition Leica R3 set that she got when she was a university student. It came with a 50mm f2 Summicron, a 28mm f2.8 Elmarit, and a 180mm f4 Elmar in an olive drab color. The character is just amazing on these Leica lenses. I also have a plastic Canon 35mm f2 lens, but lent that to a friend for the time being.

The camera is a Canon 5D Mark II that I bought from photographer Patrick Tsai. He was nice enough to sell it to me on payment, which I am still grateful for, because I had been borrowing DSLRs to shoot my last two films.

I have a busted iPhone 4 that gets the job down.

I use a film canister as a coin case since I lost my matching Louis Vuitton case and an APC one that was giving to me. I have had the LV wallet and key holder for over five years now and they still look brand new. I really just love the quality and history behind them.

For this current film I’m working on, I decided to use a monopod which I coupled with a friend’s steadicam for a few tracking shots. Manfrotto is just great!

For last minute inspiration I carry the Cahier du Cinema article compilation from the 50s book. Some of the greatest writings on cinema ever came from this magazine in the 50s and 60s. A scene from a western starring Gary Cooper called Vera Cruz as described in one of the articles in the book inspired the basis of my current film.

I story board all my films in a Muji notebook. It has 6 boxes on every page that I guess are suppose to be for manga, but I use them to story board and I constantly reference my crappy drawings on sets.

I still always carry a flask with bourbon, though I don’t drink as much making films as I do when I am doing photography. I also got in the habit of having aspirin at all times.

My stuff is constantly linked so it would be redundant here I think…So thank you for checking this out!

Thanks for the bag Jesse. It is very interesting to see how it has changed. Those R lenses are gorgeous. Looking forward to your next film.
Check out Jesse’s work by following this link to all of the book reviews, which are awesome by the way.
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