In your bag 1075, Fernando Eleazar
Today we get to see inside the bag of a street photographer from Mexico City, somewhere I have always wanted to go and shoot. Check it out.

Hey, my name is Fernando Eleazar, im a 28 years old musician and photographer based in Mexico City.

I love street photography it is like my zen activity, though now a days is tricky to do in México City because all the insecurity issues of the streets, so here is my camera bag and for the mentioned reasons i try to keep it stealthy and simple, its like a survival bag for street photography.

First come first the cameras:
Olympus XA and Olympus XA2: i love them because the people in the streets thinks they are toys, they dont even notice you, really fun to use, a lot of freedom for move and hide it when it is necessary. The XA2 is great for candids and fast action, it is like a “hit and run camera” but if you want to take a little time to compose and stuff the the XA comes in play.

Nikon D7100: superb and “cheap” DSLR only usable in touristic places of the city, when people is aware they might be photographed. Did you notice my “custom made” wrist strap?

50mm f1.8 (it is a real 75mm because of the Dx but it is what i need in this City)

Kodak Tri-X 400
Kodak Ulta max 400

Acme made San Francisco: its more like a haversack, no body thinks there are cameras inside.

Survival items:
Pocket portfolio and business cards: if some one sang you taking their photo you better identify yourself or be ready to “walk very fast”.
Thermo: i hate to waste plastic bottles.

Lenspen, pen, notebook, ipad, iphone, headphones, cigars and lighter, wallet and sunglasses.

You can check my work in the streets of México City, Buenos Aires and some random towns and cities of México in this two sites:


Hope you like it, i took the photo of this post with my old D70s and the lens kit.

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Fernando. that is a sweet pair of XA’s.
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