In your bag 1072, Julien Gallet
Apparently Julien carries a plant in his bag. No, really, he does. Check it out.


I’m Julien, a french guy, I take pictures for a long time but lately I bought a lumix GX7.
More and more I taking pictures. As in all areas, the good tools make you want to practice more.

In my bag when I’m out:

+ Sun: my cap “Gleut” custom in new york with lids but also a pair of glasses.

+ Rain: my umbrella found in the street in tokyo, and it’s very convenient because you see everything around you.

+ An energetic bar and a water bottle (I use it as practice bike …)

+ Camera:

– A Wanderlust Cameras Pinwide (funny but I do not use it every day …)

– GX7 lumix: great camera, I’m really happy with it, (and videos are exceptional)

– Lumix 20mm f / 1.7 II buy with my gx7, very nice quality, even with low light

– Lumix G Vario 14-140mm f / 3.5-5.6, simply perfect, from 14 to 140mm you can express anything you want, I used almost all the time during my last trip to Japan.

– Olympus 9mm f8, I regret this purchase, it’s a cheap lens, but I take with me anyway …

– and one old “Konica Hexanon AR 50mm f / 1.8” with a lens adapter. The quality really surprised me !

+ My wallet

+ A small notepad and pencils (I draw too)

+ Lamp “lezyne super drive” (from my bike)

+ A dictaphone “Philips LFH0602 voice trace”

+ Sometimes a plant

+ All in my  “Farah”bag but I’ll change it, because not very practical …

+ And finally, my samsung galaxy s5 and her “moment lens” with which I took the photo

Thank you for the “in your bag” concept, it’s a great idea and for each bag a discovery.
If you want to check out my work or send me a message:

+ Before I used more my flickr account :[email protected]/sets/

+ Now I look a little closer to 500px, I find this website more interactive :

Thank you Bellamy,
Julien Gallet

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Julien. I cannot get over the plant.
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