In your bag 1045, James Lester
James shares a “what’s around your neck” as he doesn’t use a bag apparently. Check it out.

I’m James, a wedding photographer from Yorkshire, England.

90% of the time, I don’t carry a bag. I like to have my cameras at the ready. When I’m shooting personal work, it’s 100% on film and Polaroid and I use 35mm, 120 and Polaroid interchangably. It’s rare I’ll carry all three at once but I’ll normally have two on me at all times.

Around my neck:

Rolleiflex 3.5F Xenotar

Canon QL17 GIII

Polaroid 330

I mostly use 400TX in my Canon rangefinder and Fuji 400H in my Rolleiflex. The Polaroid is pretty much limited to just Fuji FP100C but whenever I can get my hands on some 3000B, I love to shoot it.

I use my iPhone with an app as a light meter – I know, not exactly the most pinpoint accurate device, but I find combined with my judgement I’ll nail the exposure on 95% of my work and I think the tradeoff between accuracy and speed is worth it.

When I’m shooting weddings which is primarily digital, I like to offer my clients a film package which means they can get the quality of medium format in their wedding photos. I think a lot of people are re-awakening to the benefits of quality cameras and the craftsmanship involved in making the images that are possible with them.

I use a whole host of other film cameras, my latest acquisition is a Canon AE-1 which is just a perfect little camera. I also am about to enter the world of large format too. And lastly, I like to take my grandad’s camera out who sadly passed away last year taking pictures with the camera he loved all his life. It’s a Coronet Rapide with only two shutter speeds and one aperture but it’s a great pocket camera to use and produces the largest negatives out of any of my cameras.


Thanks for sharing your gear with us, James. That is a really nice setup.
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