In your bag 1041, Tyler Mastrilli
Tyler has a very interesting mix of old and new cameras in his bag. And he has a whole ton of film too. If only there was a way for him to store that neatly….

My name Is Tyler Mastrilli and I am a 25 year old photographer on a teachers budget which causes me to always have my eyes open for a good deal. I am a fulltime teacher for students on the Autism spectrum as well as a student at my local university. I am going to school for Interactive Media but my real passion is street photography. Enough about me let me tell you about what I carry in my bag.


The bag first of all is a medium Timbuk2 messenger bag with an old Nikon bag cut up and modified to be used as an insert.

Fujica Auto M35-This was my first film rangefinder and I love it. I got it for 15 bucks off of eBay and have had no issues at all with it.

Minolta Himatic Af- This is a recent purchase that is growing on me. Its fully automatic which takes some of the fun out of shooting but I love it for getting that quick shot when there isn’t anytime to focus.

Nikon d5100- This was my first digital slr and I have to say it has paid for its self many times over. I use it primarily for paying gigs but I still take it out every once in a while for some street photography. I do plan on switching to mirrorless system in the near future though!!!!

Tamron 17-50 2.8- This lens is great it covers all of the area I need and it is pretty fast especially considering how much it cost compared to the Nikon version.

Nikon sb24- I love this flash! Its was super cheap and works great and isn’t a battery hog. I have to use it in manual mode on my camera but I like it because it slows me down a little and makes me actually think about how I am going to achieve my shot.

Film- I carry lots of film that is mostly cheap $1 expired color rolls that I get from my local shop. I also have a stash of Kodak BW400CN that I love to use and my local shop sells it for $4 a roll, which is a steal considering what it goes for on eBay.

The rest- A moleskin for my notes and sketches, assorted writing utensils, Benadryl incase I get stung by a bee, Blistex, lens cleaning solution, cheap rain cover, bag for flash that came from a wine scented candle that has permanently left a great scent on the bag, D800 strap that was given to me for my Fujica, lens cleaning cloth, 3 batteries, 2 16gb sd cards, nock off back rapid strap, rocket blower, and last of not least mace some people in Columbus have gotten a little confrontational about getting there picture taken so I just carry this with me to be on the safe side it has never ben used though.

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Tyler. Nice to see a Hi-matic being shown.
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