In your bag 1030, Samuel Wong
Samuel is back, and has really upped his game since last time. This time round we have a pretty awesome set. Check it out.

I was previously featured (Bag 598) last year. Since then, my film gears have pretty much changed to what you see in the picture! I am still the teacher-in-charge of photography in my school…. and still trying to convince my students that they should try shooting in film some time! 

Anyway, here’s a description of my current set-up. I am still using the EOS 500N with the Canon 40mm/f2.8 lens. But, I have sold the GA645 cos I preferred a square format.

a) M6 TTL + Summitar 50mm/2 collapsible lens: I obtained the M6 TTL through a trade with another local photographer. The Summitar was bought on ebay. I love the characteristics of old Leica lenses. While I will use this set, my intention is actually to safeguard it for my children. Hopefully, one of them will eventually pick up photography when they grow up and I will pass it to the child who shows the greatest interest in photography. My only hope is that film still exists by then…

b) Century Graphic 2×3 with Graflar 101mm/f4.5 lens: I always wanted a field camera. But I do not have the means to scan 4×5 negatives. I found this little beauty on ebay. It needed a serious CLA. It just came back from the repair shop (a little plug-in: anyone travelling through Singapore for an extended time and needs someone to do CLAs, you can look for Nick at CamX. His address: and I am waiting to put it through its paces.

And… film! The CineStill bwXX just arrived yesterday from JCH. I am itching to load it into the M6 for a shoot.

So that’s it! Thank you for reading!

ps: I am secretly hoping to be Bag 1000… =)

Thanks for sharing your bag again Samuel. Love the Speed Graphic.
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