In your bag 1028, Anthony Cheung
Today we have a very straightforward Leica bag. Film and digital shooting the sights of Great Britain. Check it out.

My name is Anthony Cheung. I am from Hong Kong but now living in Oxford as I started my doctoral research here two years ago.

The first camera I have ever touched is a Ricoh point-and-shoot. I forgot the model as it was way back to my primary school days. I lost it during a school picnic and I was very upset because it belonged to my dad. After that, I did not come back to photography until the age of 16 when my dad bought me a Canon 350D – my first SLR as a birthday gift.

Since then I have owned many Canon and Nikon DSLR and Olympus mirrorless, and many lenses. However, the owning of a Nikon FM2 6 years ago completely changed my attitude towards photography. I started doing analog photography as well and I ended up here with this setup I usually take with me for street or short trips.

As a student in the UK, I like to spend my weekends for travelling different towns in the country. I love every place here, from the fascinating fast-pace London to the beautiful and romantic Bath, via the warm sunny seashore in Brighton, the remarkable sunset in Edinburgh, and of course, the historic and nostalgic architectures in Oxford.

I find it more comfortable to carry backpacks than shoulder bags or holsters especially when I have to bring at least two cameras and accessories. My bag is a Doughnut bag with a camera insert in the lower compartment.

Leica M6, Leica Summilux 50mm f/1.4 ASPH, Hoya MHC Y(K2) yellow filter – my most favourite combination for street photography. I never find 35mm suitable for my work at all – I am definitely a 50mm guy. I use my M6 exclusively for black and white.

Leica M-E, Voigtlander Ultron 28mm f/2 – I always mount my M-E with this wide angle lens for landscape, occasionally street photography at close distance. While I shoot colour photos on M-E most of the time, I can always convert the interesting ones into black and white using Lightroom 5.0 and Silver Efex Pro 2.0.

HP5 Plus bulk film box – this is my accessory box where I put my films, batteries, SD cards, lens filters, etc.

Films – I love the tone and grains of HP5 Plus. I always load films myself as it certainly lowers the cost for each roll of film.

Lonely Planet – I love reading Lonely Planet especially during long train transits.

iPhone and iPad – for web browsing, games, and entertainment.

Chargers and power bank – M-E drains power fast so bringing a charger along always helps. Same for iPhone and iPad.

Hope you enjoy what’s in my bag. Please also feel free to visit my flickr: Thanks for watching!

Anthony Cheung

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Anthony. Funny how you need to carry the charger for the M-E, is it really that bad for battery?
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