In your bag 1019, Jing Wen
Jing Wen has shared a few bags with us, but this one has to be the most epic of them all. A true large format lovers bag. Check it out.

I’ve got another update to my shooting setup. My previous setup was just an update to my original medium format setup but now I’ve gone into large format! (Partially inspired by the LF articles on your site) Because I dislike carrying a lot of weight around, I’ve tried to go for a more minimalist LF setup, so here is what I ended up with:


Chamonix 045N-2

Very lightweight 4×5 LF camera, without a lens it weighs less than a Hasselblad!

Schneider Kreuznach 120mm f/5.6 Super-Symmar HM

I went with a one lens setup for now, mainly because I’m shooting in urban environments so a wider lens is better. This focal length kinda sits between 90mm and 150mm so with a little bit of leg zoom, I can make it cover both.

Chamonix Folding Viewer

This is a reflex folding viewer made by Chamonix as well, it attaches easily to the ground glass and I use it to quickly compose on the GG. I use this in place of a darkcloth.

Wista 5x Focusing Loupe

Critical focusing is done with this loupe, and 5x magnification is just nice because too high and you’ll just end up seeing the grain of the fresnel on the GG.

Gossen Digisix

Lightweight tiny lightmeter, really saves a lot of space compared to my earlier Soligor Spotmeter and Sekonic L-558.

Sony RX1

Mainly used for test shots, random snaps that I don’t want to waste film on, and metering of complex scenes which the Digisix can’t handle.

Gitzo GT2531& Arca-Swiss Monoball Z1

Not exactly lightweight but still light enough for me to carry this all around by hand only, yet sturdy enough for the above LF setup.

Fidelity Elite film holders

Cheap and good sheet film holders that most LF shooters use.

All of the above gear (except tripod) fits nicely into a F-Stop Medium ICU, which in turn goes into a F-Stop Guru bag, which is great for heavy loads and really doesn’t make me like I’m carrying all that gear around! I used to think LF is an activity in which you had to carry lots of gear around but with some planning, it’s possible to go quite light.

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Thanks for sharing your bag with us Jing Wen. Really cool to see how things have changed.
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