In your bag 1004, Pierre Lansac
Pierre keeps it tidy. One film, one digital. All you need to shoot in Bordeaux. Check it out.

I’ve been watching your great website for a while now and i thought I could submit one of my bags.  I’m running a magazine dealing with archery. I’m writing articles and taking pictures but taking pictures of bows arrows and archer can be a bit repeating So I also shoot for my own pleasure mostly in my city of Bordeaux, France.

Here is the bag I take when I go roaming in the streets and want to go light for the day. This is one version of it  but I always take with me both digital and film cameras. My pro bag is quite different, I might, one day sent you a picture of it.

The bag is a Kalahari Kapoko K-31. I bought it because  it didn’t look too much ly a photo bag and I kept it because it is handy. I can stuff a lot of things in it.

I shoot both digital and film cameras and I enjoy both of them. Starting with the digital, I use a Canon 7D DSLR with the 40mm F2.8 pancake I like it, it is small and lightweight but I sometimes also go for the 17-50 F2.8 Tamron lens. I always carry a spare battery and a lowepro DMZ Z pouch for the  CF cards. Now for the film camera. I actually use a  FUJI GS645S randgefinder camera and I love it; It is equipped with a  fujinon 60mm F4; The Fuji isn’t more bulky than the Canon. With it I shoot mostly black I white I can proceed myself; My favorite films are the Shanghai GP3 100 which is really inexpensive and produces surprisingly good results and Kodak Trix 400. I also carry a Weston Master II spotmeter just in case. I use an Op/Tech strap I can put on both cameras and a trekking sling if I don’t want the camera to hang around my neck.

To clean the camera I use a lenspen and a small rag. I also carry a moleskin notebook to remember things and a Leatherman wave tool than proved useful more than one time.

Feel free to watch my tumblr: and my flickr account

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Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Pierre. Love the 645.
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