In your bag 1002, David Salvagnac
Today we delve into the bag of a detective…

My name is David Salvagnac, I am 42, from Paris, France.
During day, I am author photographer and during night, Police Officer in investigation service.
The rest of time, I’m Prague/ Czech Republic based street photographer.

I like contextual and dramatic black and white atmospheres, or autumn melancholic colors.

For my urban “safaris”, I have Stealth Gear jacket (with large and deep front pouch) and ONA bag (“The Bowery” black version). This duo is ideal, for mobility and reactivity. I usually take one or two cameras (2 lenses maximum).


Here is my basic rangefinder set (2 systems), for street photography.

Medium Format: Mamiya 6 + 50 or 75 (28-50)


– Leica M6 (“MP” modified, with 35/50 frames only) + Leica Summicron 35 IV.

– Leica II “Couplex” (Model D), first year of production (1932) + Leica Super-Angulon 4/21 (1959): I love this combo! (I’m Schneider Kreuznach addict… i also have Rolleiflex 2.8 Xenotar, with Schneider optics).

So, I have Summar from 1933 (nickel version). Fantastic lense!

I use Kodak (400 Tri-X and Portra 160) or Fuji films (Neopan Accros 100).

To finish, my tobacco pipe… a Sherlock Holmes version, of course!

I invite you to discover my monochrome vision of the world, like an old detective novel…

Hope you enjoyed my bags, thanks for reading!
Anyway, thanks a lot for your work, Bellamy!

Best regards,
David Salvagnac

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, David. Very stealthy indeed.
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