In your bag 1001,Frank Zhu
1001 and we are straight back into it…

Hello Bellamy! I’ve been a fan of your website and especially the “in your bag” section, which always appeals to my curiosity of what other photographers put in their bags!

My name is Fanchao (Frank), Zhu, a Chinese photographer studying in a US college in Iowa currently. As an analog fan myself, I’m sure my gears will appear interesting to others as well!

In my bag:

Leica M6 TTL w/ Zeiss 35mm lens

I’ve also attached a 35mm finder with it.

(not that M6 doesn’t have 35 frameline, but they have different magnifications)

I found M6 finder easy for composition and the finder easy for assessing distance from subjects on streets and am able to shoot with both eyes open with it.

Yashica 635 w/ 35mm adaptor kit

Still experimenting with it,

I love how it takes both 35 and 120 film.

The finder gives me different type of inspiration.

I like the Gariz hand strap, fits securely at my wrist, although it’s a bit overprized…

Sekonic 308S

Use it to compliment with my Leica meter

Moreover, it gives me fast readings on streets.

Film Box w/ TMAX 100 & 400 films.
(Sometimes also use some antique metal film canisters)

Bag: National Geographic, very sturdy, but a bit soft, so I put some extra sponge in it.

Attached with a metallic name tag.

Hope you enjoy it!

My website:
(These photos are by my Canon 5D though. Will upload my film photos soon!)

Thanks for reading!
Frank Zhu

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Frank. I have to ask though, it that a bootleg film case? As I have not seen one like that before.
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