In your bag No: 1582 – Fauzan Fuad

In your bag No: 1582 – Fauzan Fuad When Fauzan isn’t in his studio painting, he’s walking about getting inspired with his dream camera in tow. I am Fauzan Fuad, 6 years full-time abstract artist (painter), born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and currently live in Malaysia. I have been curious about photography when i was 15-16 […]

Jesse’s Book Review – Yokushiroku by Kouhei Hirose

Jesse’s Book Review – “Yokushiroku” by Kouhei Hirose Jesse’s back and checks in this week with the debut tome from the psychedelic mind of Kouhei Hirose. Some photo books are simply about the overall effect. Rather than a careful selection of perfectly curated images each intended for maximum impact, it becomes a barrage of haphazard […]

Top 10 Film Packaging Designs of all Time

Image courtesy of Wikicommons Top 10 Film Packaging Designs of all time With Ilford recently announcing a tweak to their film package designs and us over here at JCH HQ feverishly working on a Streetpan 400 update as well, I realized the information super highway has been remiss to rank the best film packaging designs […]

Camera Geekery: Konica C35 FD Review

Camera Geekery: Konica C35 FD Review A nice long guest review for you all to enjoy. Johan Van Huyssteen shares his experience with one of the great fixed lens rangefinders. Sit down with a nice drink and enjoy. It’s too heavy! My first 35mm film camera was a properly banged-up Fujica ST605N, paired with a surprisingly […]

In your bag No: 1581 – Paul Petch

In your bag No: 1581 – Paul Petch Paul has rekindled that silver halide fire and has even snuck it back into his professional work flow. I’m having a bit of a personal film renaissance currently. I thought it was. Bubbling midlife crisis, but after hanging on for 6 years- on and off- it’s more than […]

Jesse’s Visual Interviews: Jake Ricker

Jesse’s Visual Interviews: Jake Ricker The visual interviews by Jesse never cease to amuse and this week Jake Ricker takes to the stand to share his raw look at San Francisco. Q1: Who are you?  Q2: What is your favorite way to waste money? Q3: What do you consider the most overrated virtue?  Q4: When […]